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Automotive Terms Glossary

More Terms will be Added

When we Refer to a ‘2 Pin Plug’ We are talking about the pin configuration inside of the plug. When looking inside the plug, you will see metal pins simply count how many there are and confirm it with our listing.

We use position on Vehicle to Determine which side of the Vehicle you need the product for. This is mostly important for Door handles and other products that require the correct side to be ordered. For Example ‘Drivers Front’ is for the Right Hand Front Door.   

Sometimes we Refer to ’17mm Outlet’ as there can be multiple types of the same product. For Example, Coolant overflow bottles can have different outlet diameters. It is important to confirm that you are purchasing the correct type, if you dont you will run into problems such as leaks…

When we refer to the amount of ‘Teeth’ on the starter motor, we are talking about the number of drive teeth on the drive gear of the starter motor. The teeth on the starter motor mesh with the flywheel therefor cranking the engine.


When we talk about pre and post catalytic converter we are referring to the sensor to see if it is before the catalytic converter or after. A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants

When installing parts that require fluid it is important to insure that there is no air within the system, if there is air in the system the fluid cannot perform its job. It is important to ensure you follow the proper bleeding procedure when installing otherwise the product will not perform as intended.   

Cavitation is the formation of bubbles, within a liquid, usually due to rapid changes in localised pressure. Various mechanical parts such as pumps, control valves and propellers can cause cavitation to occur.

An Intercooler is fitted between the turbocharger outlet and the engine intake manifold, to reduce intake air temperatures. “Turbo to Intercooler” is the hose that connects the two components together.  

When you hear ‘Twin Pipe’, it is important to take note of this as the same product can have a different setup in regards to inlet and outlet pipes. Parts with different setups are not interchangeable. 

We refer to ‘2 Button Type’ when talking about products such as master window switches. We do this as various models have 2 door variations, therefor only 2 windows and also 4 door variations meaning 4 windows. It is important to confirm you are ordering the correct one as they are not interchangeable. 

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