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How to Fit Holden Barina Overflow Bottle Coolant Tank 11-16

Here I demonstrate the quick and easy steps to take when fitting a Holden Barina Overflow Bottle to your car! This will fix many overheating issues you have with your car, plus freshen up your engine bay! 

Difficulty 35%
  1. If its water… dont stress about losing it onto the floor…. But if its coolant, collect as much as your can! Coolant has oil properties. 
  2. The top outlet on the bottles are delicate!
  3. Make sure you research / inform yourself about the steps to take to bleed your cooling system AFTER replacing your bottle. 
  1. This bottle will not fit the spark Holden Barina model… Its for the TM Hatch Only. 
  2. No other compatibility issues… Just make sure you buy the right year model barina! It will not fit the TK Model Barina. 
  • High Quality, High Durability and Strength Overflow Bottle to suit Holden Barina TM Model between 2011, and 2016! 
  • Our Holden Barina Coolant Tank is made of a heat resistant, material designed for the harsh australian climate! 
  • Includes the pressure relief cap with the bottle. 

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