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How to Replace and Fix a Ford Focus Overflow Bottle

Having issues with your Ford Focus Overflow Bottle? Cars Overheating? Need your Focus to be reliable? Lets get it fixed!

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Before we begin, it’s important to check to see if the Ford Focus Overflow Bottle you have received in the mail is the correct type. Play close attention to the design of the bottle, specifically where it mounts, the amount of pipes it has coming out of it, and if it has any sensors. 

It’s extremely important that you allow your car to cool down to an appropriate level before operating in this area of the cars cooling system. To do so, allow your car to sit for 1hr after driving it. This should lower it down to an accessible level.

Step one when removing and Replace Ford Focus Overflow Bottle is to remove your overflow bottle cap releasing any excess pressure. Make sure its COOL! After this, remove the top pipes off the water bottle with a pair of pointed nose pliers. To do this, squeeze the alligator clips, and drag them back. Next, use the pointy pliers to crimp down on the pipes, and rotate them around the pipes. This will uncease them apart. 


Once this is done, the pipes can be pulled of the Ford Focus Expansion tank. Now we can begin to remove the tank, by holding it with two hands, and pulling up. They slide on and off an aluminum mount. It’s the easiest part of the job. Pay attention not to spill coolant everywhere though! 

Remove the Old Coolant reservoir out the way, an put it somewhere safe. The next step is to re-install your Brand New Parts Factory Australia LR Ford Focus Overflow Tank and Cap! Remove your new unit form the box. 

Inspect the item for any damage, and that all associated parts were included with the purchase. Let’s place the bottle back onto its mounts, and push down to seat it into place for the first time. 

We will start with the bottom hose. Push the bottom radiator hose back onto your bottle and then drag the alligator clip over the top to secure it in place. Its extremely important that the hoses & Clips go on straight, as if they don’t, they can cause pipes to pop-off and leak. 

Let’s put the two top pipes back on, being careful not to snap the nipples of the bottle while we do it. Once this is done, it is now time to fill our bottle back up with water / coolant and start.

We must now check the job for any leaks, and make sure the cap is on tight. Once the car gets up to operating temperature, it’s important to determine whether the Ford Focus Overflow bottle has sealed up and is working as it should. 

Replacing a Ford Focus Overflow Bottle is an easy task, taking only 15 minutes from start to finish. Make sure the cap seals properly before driving any significant distances. 

How to Replace Ford Focus Overflow Bottle

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