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How to Diagnose and Replace a I30 Window Regulator FD 08-12

Here we learn how to replace a Hyundai I30 Window Regulator in a 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 model car! This suits 4 Door Hatch, and Wagon Only. Front to back are similar design, but not the same. Play close attention!

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Let's Get Started!

Firstly, lets check to make sure that it is truly the window regulator that you need to replace. To do so, there a few steps to take. Step one is to pull up and down on your window glass. If its all the way up, this will not work for you. If it moves significantly, then its likely the wiring / pulley system within the setup is broken, and you will need to replace it. Secondly, its also then important to check if your window regulator motor is broken. If nothing happens when you use switch, then it can be either the switch or the regulator. The only way to test this, is by using another switch, or, pull the door skin off and power up the motor manually. 

Its critical that this job is done with patience, and the setup us a delicate one, and requires manual adjustments, pot riveting and even drilling! Changing your I30 window regulator is no walk in the park, and should be approached with care.

Let’s get started. First step, is to remove the inside of your door card / door skin. To do this, we will need to remove two phillips head screws from the card. The first one is in the grab handle, and the second one is at the bottom of the door. Remove these two screws.

Next, lift of the internal door card, and unplug the two plugs from the door card + the speaker wire. Place the door card completely out of the way. 

Lets undo the screws around the outside edge of the window regulator, leaving two loose on the regulator for now to hold it in place. Lets use the master switch on the door (if possible) to put the window regulator into the centre position. Open the two black flaps revealing the 2 screws that fix the door glass to the regulator.

If your glass / regulator is in pieces, these steps are not necessary.

Once you have removed the screws that hold the glass to the window regulator, lift the glass up and out. Place the glass out of the way. Please now remove the regulator panel of the door, by removing those two screws. Now, unplug the door lock actuator wiring loom of the actuator, and begin to feed these parts through the window regulator panel. 

Once you have removed the wiring loom off the panel, you can place the old panel totally out of the way. Please use a small drill bit to take the speaker of that panel. 

Remove the new panel out of your box and prepare to swap parts over onto it. Use a Pot rivet device to fix the speaker onto your new Window Regulator for a Hyundai I30.

Lets reinstall the panel to the car. First step is to re-run the wiring loom back through the Window Regulator Panel. Connect the motor, connect the door lock actuator and speaker. Put the new window regulator back on and put two loose bolts in again. Use the master control switch to move this window regulator to the position that exposes the window regulator mounts bolts. They are the bolts behind the two plastic flaps that should now be installed onto the new unit. 

We can now re-install the door glass. This takes patience or previous experience, as it can be a win or lose scenario. Make sure that on either side of the glass, it is well slotted into the seals / rails, and that there are no obstructions causing the window regulator to stick/move slowly. The glass should sit gently into the mounts, and tighten with associated bolts. 

The glass is in, and the regulator takes it up and down. it’s time to put the rest of the bolts around the outside of the window regulator panel, and tidy up all wiring / loose components. We can use zip ties or tape to do so. 

Once this process is complete, put the door skin back on, remembering to plug the switch and speaker back in. Use the two phillips screws to fix securely. 


This was a moderately hard task. We had to inspect diligently, that there were no errors made in the process. They can go undetected, and cause problems early in the near future. No noises / clicks should be audible. 

Learn How to Diagnose and Replace a I30 Window Regulator Panel and Motor!

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