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How to Install Holden Cruze Coil Pack

Learn how to efficiently swap out and replace a Holden Cruze Coil Pack.. Is your Cruze Coil pack faulty, or causing misfire? Fix it today, with Parts Factory Australia! 

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Let's Get Started!

Before we start it’s important to check that you have the appropriate tools and that you’re part that you wish to installIs of the correct type. Please check that the pins within your coil pack are the correct time before we go ahead. We should also be sure that the cool but were using has the same plug type as there are several similar types that will not be compatible with each other. 

It Is important to make sure that the coil pack you’ve received is in good condition before you go ahead. When you start the job, there are things you may run into that may render your vehicle useless, until the right coil pack or a good condition coil pack is received. Another thing to be careful about is making sure that you do not tear or break the coil pack as you pull it out as you may lodge parts within the engine.

Let’s get started. First step is to remove the top cover off of your engine.This Can be done simply by using your fingers starting on the right side of the cover and gently lifting up until cards release. Remove the plug from a coil pack with a flat screwdriver in your hands. Tuck the wiring out of the way. 

The next step will be to use a torx bit screwdriver in order to remove the two talks big bolts from the top of a coil pack. Remove the two bolts at set them to the side gently. Start by applying even pressure starting at the right side near the plug and then moving onto the left side of the callback with your hands. The coil pack will lift out. 

Now that you are inside of the engine please note the condition of the spark plugs. The seals around the coil pack may have allowed moisture or water to enter the area rusting the spark plugs. If you know that there is rust around the spark plugs, please use Kabhi cleaner or a high-pressure hose to rid the area of all rust.

It is important that when we install the new coil pack we use installation grease or WD-40. This will help the area remain clean and tidy and well insulated. We must start by locating the new coil pack and preparing it to be pushed into the cylinder head. Gently lower the new coil pack into the cylinder head with even pressure from side to side. 

Plug the plug back into the call back making sure you hear a audible click. Place the two torx bit screws back into the coil pack and tighten. Make sure that all wiring is straight and placed back into its original position. It’s important to do this because the Warren Lyn can become brittle overtime with extensive use and can crack all fall apart if it isn’t placed into position. 

You can now attempt to start the car and confirm that the engine is running smoothly. You may know that your car is now running a lot smoother than previously. 

Place the plastic cover back onto the top of the engine. The job is now complete. 

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Installing a coil pack into a Holden cruze is a relatively easy job. With a few plastic trims, one electrical plug and two torx bit screws, the job takes roughly 15 minutes only. 

How to Fix Holden Cruze Coil Pack Issue

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