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How to Fix Leaking Overflow Bottle Holden Cruze

Having issues with the cooling system on your Holden Cruze? Join the club! Welcome to Parts Factory Australia. Here you can learn just how to fix these issues, in a DIY Fashion. 

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Replace Holden Cruze Overflow Bottle

This tutorial will outline the easy steps to Fix the Holden Cruze Overflow Bottle issue. Firstly. We need to allow the Holden Cruze to cool down. Coolant is HOT! It’s designed that way and if you go trying to play with the bottles / piping / hoses without letting it cool down you are going to burn yourself! Allow it to cool down for one hour.  

While we wait for the system to cool, we need to confirm that the components that we have been delivered by the Factory are in Good Condition, and are the correct parts for the job. Specifically, we want to check to see that the delicate piping components of the bottle are still intact as they are prone to SNAP!

Once your engine has cooled, start by removing the overflow bottle cap and watching for any excess pressure. If you hear huge amounts of hot gas escaping, please refrain from continuing and allow the car to cool further.

Also note the the thin output pipe is prone to break! I am sure you may already be aware of this, but if your not, be aware! 

Now to Leaking Overflow Bottle Holden Cruze. Next step it to remove the top coolant transfer hose, and leave the hose clamp attached to said hose. Remove the Clip the holds down the bottle. It is silver, and requires a set of pliers.

Next step is to remove the lower hose from the bottle, and remove the old tank out of the area. It may be full of oil, or fluid. You should take care not to spread the fluid everywhere. Here is an important step. While you are inside this area, it is important that you check to make sure the coolant overflow bottle does not contain any creamy/water oil mix. This may point at other issues with the car, which the new bottle would be destroyed by. If these issues are spotted, please contact our live chat and ask what to do next. 

If this area doesn’t have the oil mix, please continue with step three. Once your old bottle is removed out of the way, the next step is to reinstall the new bottle. Start by locating the mounting tab that the old bottle came off. Please the next bottle in position, and put that silver clip back in place holding it. Place both pipes back on, and drag the hose clamps on top of the pipes straight. Be sure to make sure that they are straight!

Once all of the components have been put back together, it’s time to start the car. Start the car and let it run for 30 seconds. Find the appropriate coolant, or water, and begin to fill the bottle. Try not to fill it to fast, as slower is better to allow it to circulate properly. Once the car seems like it will not swallow any further water, place the cap onto the engine coolant tank and tighten. Watch this area for the next 20 minutes. 

It’s important that this area is done properly… Leaks in Automobiles cooling systems can be devastating for the car, as it can lead to paralysing issues for that car in the future. Check for leaks around the Coolant Overflow Bottle for the Holden Cruze before shutting your bonnet. That’s how you Replace Holden Cruze Overflow Bottle! 

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