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How to Fix Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump Issue

How to Install Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump quick and effectively.. If your Mazda 6 has lost its Power Steering, or, Makes a loud whining noise then this will solve your problem!

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Let's Get Started!

To Begin, please make sure that the Mazda 6 is allowed to cool down for a minimum of 1 hour. There are several instances that will require your hand to rest against the block of the engine, which will need to be cool. It is also important to make sure that the part you have ordered is the correct part. If you pull apart the car and then realise that the part is wrong, you’ll have wasted a lot of time. Please visually compare the two before beginning the task. 

It is important to understand and diagnose exactly what has caused your power steering pump to fail in the first place. If your power steering pump has suffered internal failure it may be one of many reasons. The most important one to be informed about is failure due to metal filings within the power steering fluid of your system. The easiest way to determine if this is the case, is to take a high powered magnet and place it next to a selection of your power steering fluid. If you find metal filings all over your magnet than you know your power steering fluid system is contaminated. If your power steering fluid system is contaminated, and you reuse that same fluid,  it will break the new power steering pump and you will void your warranty.

If you’ve double checked the condition and quality of your power steering fluid, let’s get started. We will need to extract the oil out of the Power Steering Pump reservoir. However, it’s not exactly necessary to do this step. Note that when lifting the power steering pump, use a rag to catch the remaining fluids in the tanks. 

We can start by removing the fan belt of the Mazda 6. To do so, you will need a long handled 14mm Spanner (roughly 60cm Long). This is to get to the back of the engine (where the belt tensioner lays), and press the tension down, until it becomes loose letting go of the belt. Once the Belt is removed, removed the 3 14mm (or 12mm) bolts from the power steering pumps front housing. Make sure the the fan belt is kept reasonably straight, and still applied to the other pulleys. (You don’t want to have to reapply the whole thing). 

Remove the bottom pipe, being careful not to drop the hose clamp. Leave the hose clamp on the hose, and keep the hose facing up to hold the power steering fluid inside. Remove the 17mm bolt of the top of the power steering pump, being careful with the 2 copper O-rings. 

Remove the Power Steering Pump and Put it to the side. The next step is to reverse the steps and begin to reinstall the new power steering pump from Parts Factory Australia. This should fix your power steering pump problem on your Mazda six. 

Firstly, start by taking out your new Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump and having a quick look at it. You should push the Power Steering pump into the low pressure side of the hose.. This should squeeze on nicely and then have the hose clamp put over the top tight. 

The next step, is to attach the high-pressure line and back to the Power Steering Pump high-pressure side. This is done with the banjo bolt and two copper rings. Paying close attention not to drop the rings… Put the banjo bowl through the high-pressure line and onto the power steering pump. Make sure that the bolt is straight and tighten it with your fingers. If there is any resistance, stop and restart. Tighten with a wrench.  

Re-attached the power steering pump to the head of the engine with the 3x 14 mm bolts. Reinstall the fan belt onto your new Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump. 

Fill up your power steering pump with the appropriate power steering fluid and start your car. Have someone turn your steering from left to right, whilst topping up your power steering pump not allowing it to get empty at any stage. 

In conclusion, the job was roughly 25 minute task with only moderate mechanical experience required. It can be done by someone that hasn’t done something like this before,But I would definitely recommend that someone with some sort of mechanical experience should be around to supervise. This is the best way to fix any issues you have with your Mazda six power steering pump system. 

How to Install Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump

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