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Holden Cruze Overflow Bottle

How to Fix Holden Cruze Overflow Bottle Issue

Make sure the hose clamps are on straight!

Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump copy

How to Fix Mazda 6 Power Steering Pump Issue

This one requires patience, so pay attention and go slow!

Holden Cruze Coil Pack 1.6L

How to Install Cruze Coil Pack

This one is an easy one… but, still pay attention!

is the Holden Cruze a Good Car?

Is the Holden Cruze a Good Car?

Is the Holden Cruze a Reliable Car?  2008 – 2016 Holden (Cheveleot) Cruze General Discussion Engine & Driveline Comments Electrical …

Holden Barina RH Sunvisor

How to Fit Holden Barina Sunvisor TM 11-15

Here is a Quick Tutorial Video outlining the basics steps, tools required, and tips and tricks to help make the Installation of the TM Barina Sunvisor as quick and easy as possible. Its quite a simple job, only requiring one step. This is to remove the 2 screws, and replace. The job takes as little as 1 minute to complete, but please listen to any tips before starting the job yourself. It’s the same steps, left to right.

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