Terms and Conditions

  1. Any Orders taken before 3pm on any given business day will be posted on the same day, 100% Guaranteed. 
  2. We will take all responsibility for Australia Post (or other chosen freight companies) errors, including lost post, and delayed shipping times. This rule is within the limitations of a refund only, and does not accommodate for lost money due to travel time, or booked mechanical jobs. 
  3. Most parcels within Australia will arrive between 2-5 Business days, and a tracking number will be supplied to you via the Australia Post Tracking System. 
  4. All Return items and their associated return postage costs will be paid for by Parts Factory Australia.
  1. Any products that are faulty upon arrival will qualify for 1 of two options. These are as follows: A) Immediate refund and send the item back. B) Express post out a replacement item, and send the faulty item back. (They’re special circumstances)
  2. Warranty will be approved under the following circumstances: A) A licensed mechanic installed the part, and receipts for this transaction of hired skill can be provided to Parts Factory Australia. B) The Item has been use for its intended application, and hasn’t been used for any counterfeit purpose. C) The application vehicle is not frequently/never involved in Race/Sports Scenarios (for example a High Performance Track Car). 
  3. Returns are accepted within 7 Days for Items brought my mistake (Buyer will pay for Return postage but no original postage cost) 
  1. Whilst we do promote are customers to install products themselves (within reason), it is unrealistic for us to provide warranty to a buyers for any damage to our products caused via the improper installation / fitment of our products. 
  2. Any information provided to you on Parts Factory Australia is purely for a guideline only. We assume that our customers have basic knowledge of the do’s and don’ts in the mechanical trade, and we do not outline these basics steps.
  3. Any Damage caused to your vehicle during the installation process is to have to have 0 responsibility placed onto the information given by PFA.
  4. PFA is not responsible for any Injuries or Lost time caused by the use of its informational database. 

Item Category Specific Warranty (More Coming Soon)

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