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Install Mazda 6 Window Regulator

Within this post, you will learn the simple and effective ways to Install a Mazda 6 Window Regulator Motor into the door of a car. This may fix issues that you have been facing with your electrical system, and close your window. 

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We have decided to fix the window regulator having without Mazda six six or mazda 3… However there are things that we need to check before we continue on with this job. First of all we need to make sure that our most six or free window regulator only requires the motor replaced. To check this pool up and down on your door glass. If it moves you need to replace your window regulator and not your window regulator motor. Also check at the part you have received in the mail Is the great type that you require. 

There is only one warning but I must stress to my customers before you begin this job. When you remove the window regulator motor from the window regulator, you run the risk of having the window regulator wiring unravel & fall apart. Whilst it is uncommon, is certainly still possible, and you should take care and time in order for this not to happen otherwise it’ll cost you extra money. 

Step one of completing this job is to remove your door skin. In order to do so there is a Phillips head screw in the cigarette or grab handle section of your door. Use a flat head screwdriver to lift the tab to expose the Philip screw. Place the phillips screw in a safe space. There maybe additional screws around the outside of the door skin. Use your fingertips to feel for these screws. Once all screws have been removed, use your flat head screwdriver on the bottom of the door skin and lever out until you hear an audible click. The door card should now be able to be removed. Put it in a safe space.

You should now be able to see the window regulator motor on the remaining components of the door. Note the 3x 10 mm bolts that attach the window regulator motor to the door. Note that there is also a plug into the motor. If you remove the three bolts and the plug the motor can then be removed off the door. Please pay close attention to where the window regulator is behind it, as it is a delicate part of the process and requires patience.

Now that the window regulator motor has been removed off the door, please inspect all the other components for operating functionality and condition. 

Let’s reinstall the new Mazda six or Mazda three window regulator motor to the car. To do so, first of all you want to test to make sure that it’s all functional. Take your wiring loom that went into the old motor and plug it into your new window regulator motor. Plug your door skin back onto the wiring loom and attempts to put the window up and down. The window regulator should turn. If it does move onto the next step.

Place the window regulator motor back into the position where the old regulator motor left. Place the three 10 mill bolts back into the assembly and tighten. Plug-in the wiring.  Confirm it is working.

Reattach the door card to the car. Place the thoughts that screws back in the required spots. Confirm the master control switches plug-in. 

Please confirm that all components are now working in your window shuts as it should. You have now fixed your Masta six window regulator problem. 

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Performing these repairs on name as the six, Mazda three, or Mazda CX-7 only took roughly 20 minutes to complete. Providing the that job isr at the back of the door doesn’t fall apart the job is relatively easy.

How to Fix Mazda 6 Window Regulator Problem

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