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Door Handle

Door Handle

Parts Factory Australia sells High-Quality Door Handle to the Australian Public. Our products are engineered to Australia O.E.M Specifications and are covered under a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Australia Owned:

As we are Australians ourselves, we understand the importance of have a vehicle that you can depend on at all hours of the day. That is why we place significant emphasis on quality control at all times, regardless of the manufacturing costs. We also understand the importance of a Door Handlequick turnaround when ordering parts, and that is why we’ve made it our mission to provide the quickest postage time of any other New Car Parts Store within Australia, Guaranteed.

Full Range:

We Stock reliable, yet affordable items such as; Holden Handles, Hyundai Door Handles and Kia Handles at a fraction of the cost of going to your dealer.


Our warranty period for these products is above industry standard, with most of our competition only providing 6-12 months. Our warranty period is 3 years, which we hope boasts to our consumers that we are confident in the product we build and deliver.


Shipping times for the majority of our products like; Hyundai Accent Handle are within 2-3 business days Australia Wide. Times can change, but if you have experience with slow deliveries for your area, most of our products qualify for $12 Express Postage options.

We are a Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia based Automotive car parts business that cares about its customers, and their cars.


Door Handle

Exterior Car Door Handle Parts and their Replacement

Generally, the exterior car handles are bolted through the car door, and you may have broken the plastic handle. Though the exterior car door handle parts and attached accessories are visible on the outside of the door, however, you can only get to the outside handle by taking the inside panel off. The opening setting of each car model differs slight to some extent, and you have to be specific to open the inside panel to repair or replace the car door handle and its parts. Parts Factory Australia stocks a number of exterior car door handles and their parts to give you relief.

How to Easily Repair and Replace Exterior Car Door Handle Parts?

It happens to all of us, i.e. you pull on the handle, and it breaks off in your hand. Visiting a mechanic to fix the exterior car handle parts could cost you a fortune as the majority of the mechanics charge hefty amounts apart from the cost of parts. Depending on the car model and maker and with DIY projects, you can fix the exterior car handle for under AUS $100.

Here are some of the names of exterior car  handles with the maker’s name that are available at Parts Factory Australia:

Holden Barina Exterior Door Handle TK Suit Sedan 2006-2012

Get a brand new exterior car handle for Holden Barina 1.6L Sedan and supported for models 2006 to 2012. Parts Factory Australia offers high-quality aftermarket OEM replacement parts that are tested against the harshest conditions. It is available for $43.40 only.

Holden Barina Outer Exterior Door Grab Handle TK Hatchback

This exterior door grab handle is perfect for hatchbacks only because the sedans are designed with a pull handle. This exterior black  handle came as unpainted and ready for paint and offered with a three years replacement warranty.

Holden Captiva Exterior Door Handle Suit CG 2006-2018 Black

This exterior black  handle is priced at $43.40 and is best for the replacement of a broken or damaged handle. It suits best to Suit Captiva 5 and 7.

Hyundai Accent Exterior Handle for MC 2005-2011

You can buy Hyundai Accent Exterior Handle for MC 2005-2011 for $38.30 only, and the options include driver front, driver rear, passenger front and passenger rear.

Hyundai i20 Exterior Handle PB 2009-2015

This handle is available for 2 door and 4 door variants, while you can have driver front, driver rear, passenger front, and passenger rear handles.

Hyundai i30 Exterior Door Handle FD Suit Hatchback and Wagon

We have door handles for Hyundai i30 hatchback and wagon variants that are manufactured between 2007 to 2012. This door handle is available on our website for $38.30 only.

The Hyundai Sonata NF is a fifth generation car launched in August 2004 and has two engine options, including a 2.4L and 3.3L Petrol engine. Hyundai Sonata NF Exterior  Handle Sedan 2005-2010, and there is nothing to worry about matching the part numbers as there is only one handle for all four sides of the door. Parts Factory Australia has a pack of two and four Sonata NF handles.

exterior car door handle partsHyundai Tucson Exterior Door Handle 2004-2010, TM Wagon Black

Hyundai Tucson is a compact crossover SUV launched by a Korean manufacturer in 2004. We stock the Tucson TM wagon exterior door handle for all sides, and these handles are in black colour, which can be painted in the desired colour. You can buy from our portal for only $43.30.

KIA Sportage Exterior Door Handle Black 2005-2010 Wagon KM

KIA Sportage SUV was launched in 1993, while JD Power ranked the vehicle as number 1 in 2022 in terms of Vehicle Dependability. We have an exterior  handle for KIA Sportage Wagon KM 2005-2010 models, and that is priced at $48.30 only. These handles are made of high-quality ABS Plastic and are best as a direct replacement for existing handles.

Mazda 3 Exterior Door Handle Hatchback and Sedan 2003-2008

We do have brand new exterior  handles that suit Mazda Models such as CX7, 3, 6, CX9 and Ford Ranger.

DIY Handle Replacement Projects

To repair and replace the broken handle and other parts on your own, you may need a screwdriver and a small socket set. Open the attached bolts, remove the plastic cover from the inside of the door and using the special looks sockets, remove the broken  handle and fix the new one.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or want to know more about the exterior car handle parts, you can contact us. Call our customer care representatives at, Tel: 0423 113 802.


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