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Subaru Tensioners & Brackets

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Subaru Tensioners and Brackets

Welcome to Parts Factory Australia. Here you can checkout our full catalogue of Subaru Tensioners and Brackets for Various models of subaru. All of our parts included Free Express Postage, Free Returns and a Free Installation Tutorial for each part.

Free Postage and Returns means that you never pay for postage, unless you want to send it back for change of mind. If you do choose to send it back because of change of mind (within 30 days), you will need to pay for the return postage,

Our Subaru Tensioners and Brackets are high quality replacement parts, designed for the toughest Australian Climates. It’s important that tensioner pulleys are made from high quality components, as a lot of functions ride of the belts and pulleys etc.

If you would like to learn how to install these components, head on over to our DIY section of our website. There you can learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

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