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Parts Factory Australia is a Top Rated Seller on Ebay Australia, with over 2000 Positive Feedbacks between it, and its Partner Store. Its safe to say that you can Trust us to Satisfy your Replacement Car Parts Needs! 

A Brief Introduction to Parts Factory Australia

Welcome to Parts Factory Australia! Thanks for taking interest in the History and Structure that makes Parts Factory tick! Beginning in 2017, it became evident to me that through technology, and the constant reliable access to the internet, the market was shifting. A broader reach was available to consumers, unlocking the ability to acquire new car parts at heavily discounted rates, and the opportunity to retailers to sell at a higher volume

Originally, the structure of our Partner business (Southport Wreckers) focused on the wider spectrum. Purchasing, and then Dismantling all Makes & Models allowed us to supply a wide range of Auto Car Parts to the Gold Coast Public. Whilst this business Model was (and still is) a viable idea, we decided to start a new journey. Through that, Parts Factory Australia was born. By utilizing the data and experienced gained from the sales of Southport Wreckers, we Import, Screen, Test and Install New Car Parts from Countries like China, and Pakistan.

Back in 2018, I travelled to Guangzhou to attend the Canton Fair and inturn met several suppliers from countries like I mentioned above. By actually travelling to China, I was able to visually comprehend and contrast the vastly different levels of quality, and it was then clear to me why I had seen such poorly crafted material with chinese origin, but then such well designed parts from others. Whilst all manufacturers boast the same level of quality, and seem very evenly balanced from an outsider’s perspective, the counterfeit car parts market does focus on profit, over reliability, and has been that way for many years.

Only through rigorous testing and experience can these parts be told apart. When testing these parts, we noted things like build quality, size and compatibility (bolts not lining up), and overall expected performance. Massive voids were seen between different manufacturers products, and we decided to go for the moderate quality components as they were indeed the best value for money. 

Overall our objective is to provide the most customer satisfaction, everytime. We would like to create the ideal Go-to shop for all of your automotive needs. Including Installation Instructions, informational pdf files, Express Postage Options and a 3 Year Guaranteed Replacement Warranty. 

Bargain Spares Auto WreckersBeginning in 1967, Southport Wreckers (also known as Bargain Spares Auto Wreckers) popped up on the National Radar as one of the most Notorious Wreckers in QLD!

With huge growth, and an ever expanding reach, it wasn’t long until we found ourselves within the national market, sending engines, car parts and more around Australia! 

Through this experience, passed down through a generation, we learnt the best practices for customer satisfaction, including warranties, postage options, quality screening and testing, and overall profitability. This allowed us to form relationships with 100 of local mechanics on the Gold Coast and Brisbane 

and ultimately saw us rise at an exponential rate. While this was in-itself a powerhouse of a business model, we saw room for further growth in 2017, and opened up Parts Factory Australia. 

The perfect balance of Knowledge and Price.

Experience is a hard thing to come by in the Automotive Industry, as most customer service representatives are purley Part Number orientated. This means that the extent of their knowledge ends at the Part Number and the computers signature of compatibility with your car. Whilst that system can be handy,  there is sweet spot where you can combine part number knowledge, and advanced mechanic knowledge to create the ultimate sales representative. At any time, feel free to use the CHAT NOW button to talk to a licensed Automotive Mechanic. 

By combining these two talents, it can help you get your car back on the road at an accelerated rate! Explaining the symptoms to a Live Chat Representative will allow him to determine what part you require, and provide you with the part number to be searched within our store. New Car Parts are often compatible with a lot of different Models of the same brand, and compatibility graphs are displayed on each product page, outlining what fits what, and the price.

With over a combined 40 Years Mechanical and Car Parts Servicing experience, you couldn’t be in better hands. 

This is the important section…. Here’s what makes Parts Factory Australia different. 

Whilst physically many parts will seem the same from the outside, it’s what inside the products that count. Although Counterfeit Car Parts are already products specifically designed at a lower quality to save money and materials, its important that they get the balance right between cost cutting, and quality cutting. If they get this balance wrong, the failure rate can outweigh the savings, and in turn end up costing you more! This is the testing the Parts Factory Australia boasts about. We have done years of quality assurance, confirming that our products to live up to the 3 years deadline that we are so proud to announce! 

Many Startup business focus on maximizing growth, and not customer satisfaction. While this is a optimal ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’, its bad for long term business, and we see straight through businesses like that. 

We like to think of our products as only 1 cut below O.E.M Manufacturers. Regardless of where we actually stand, thats the plan, and it will be accomplished. 

This provided the perspective, which gave us the edge. 

Whilst I had no idea what to expect, and had never travelled to China before, I packed up my bags and left on a journey!  Beginning with Private Tours of Manufacturing plants, it was all new to me! From what looked like massive factories, full of sophisticated machines and many many employees, to small business located in backyard sheds, it seemed they was a very large spread of quality control, and aesthetic infrastructure.

Guangzhou Car Parts

Each factory gifted you a inventory booklet, which were actually expensive, well crafted booklets outlining exactly what they stocked, the price, the manufacturing capacity and the overall design. These were handy, but in the end it became too heavy to carry!

Then it was off to the Canton Fair! This show was FULL of inspiration, as it compiled all the Best of the Best into one large yet well structured organization. We met many new Exports, who we still deal with to this day. They explained to us how the whole process works, including freight, Import Duty and all of the other nitty gritty processes require in order to get the product back to Australia! 

Overall the whole experience confirmed that this was what needed to happen. It allowed me to grasp the pro’s and con’s and where we might be in 10 years from that point. Projection in the future seemed to produce stable results and it was all a go ahead! We came back with our first line of products, light enough to pack in the cargo of the plane. A month later, our first ship arrived at the port and it was all a go ahead from there! 

Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Long Term Satisfaction

It’s clear to me. While many just want to maximise profits, Id prefer to take the more delayed approach, skimming profits, and maximising sales, in order to grow our reach as fast as possible. By offering Products that are on-par with the quality of O.E.M Products, we will see large volume sold, with a lot of happy customers, which in turn, will return to us and buy again! 

Put it to the Test. Join the bandwagon of what is edging towards 1000 happy Parts Factory Australia Members. 

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