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Generic Warranty Description: 

Warranty is not transferable 

Replacement products or refund (including shipping) will be provided by Parts Factory Australia where:

a) The product is faulty or not of acceptable quality; or
b) The product is not fit for its intended purpose; or
c) The product does not match the sample or the Parts Factory descriptions; or
d) The product was damaged during delivery; and
e) You can provide proof of purchase with the Parts Factory Australia receipt

D) We will require certain documents and evidence in order to qualify for said warranty terms.

Replacement product or refund will only be completed upon receipt and inspection of items that are deemed faulty or incorrectly supplied.

Where a warranty fault has been recognised and accepted by us, shipping expenses will be refunded. For any replacements where the shipping expense is being covered by Parts Factory Australia, the original shipping address will be used

Exchanges will only be provided on products that are clean, unused and in a saleable condition. This means that the product must be in its original packaging, including manuals and all accessories, and the product(s) is unopened, unused and in its original condition. All electrical components cannot be returned if packaging seal is broken.

Individual Product Category Specifics:

ABS Speed Sensors:
Warranty Covers Electrical Failure Only (Over a Period of 3 Years). Breaks otherwise caused by physical contact, or improper installation would not be covered under warranty. Requires Installation from Licensed Professional. 

Alternators: 3 Year Warranty would cover electrical failure and rotating components only (Bearings). This warranty procedure would require the product to be returned and inspected prior to accepting liability for a product replacement only. Oil Soaked / Physically damaged products would be denied warranty. 

Air Conditioning Compressor: 3 Year Warranty Covers Main Seals, Compressor Function and Coil Only. Any physical damage would void warranty. Compressing systems are more complicated than most other systems, with certain components possessing the capacity to destroy other parts. We will require professional installation receipts upon request. 

Camshaft Sensor: 3 Year Warranty for the Camshaft Sensor would warranty electrical failure of the sensors only. Anything caused by improper use or physical breaks would not be covered. 

Coil Pack: Our three year warranty covers electrical failure only. If the product fails within 3 years from the purchase date, and the appropriate measures have been taken to confirm that the coil pack is 100% the faulty part (Not the ECU). This diagnosis must be documented by a Licensed mechanic on a invoice. 

Coolant Pipes: Coolant Pipes are covered for MATERIAL BREAKDOWN Only. We will also require a Signed invoice from a licensed mechanic stating that the car does not, and never had overheating issues. Over the period of three years, we would cover material breakdown only. 

Combination Switch: Our three year warranty covers only the electrical components internally. Physical breaks (where the unit has been excessively worn) would not be covered by warranty. 

Door Handle: Three year warranty on door handles would cover the springs, and working components of the handle, but would not cover snaps, and breaks caused by excessive force. 

Door Lock Actuator: Door Lock Actuators are covered by our 3 Year Warranty. The warranty is limited to the electrical and plastic gear components within the actuator, but would not cover damage caused physically to the outer workings (such as lock pin, and rods (snapping bending etc). 

Fan Blower Motors: Our 3 Year Warranty Guarantee covers the electrical components of the fan blower motor, including the bearings inside of the motor. It also covers the plastic fan, but does not cover damage to the fan caused by debris. 

Fuel Pump: 3 Year Warranty Applies to all Fuel Pumps. It is limited to the electrical components of the pump, including the fuel level sender, but does not include physical breaks caused by improper removal / installation of components. Does not cover fuel filter. 

Master Control Switch: Master Control Switches apply to the 3 year warranty, but are limited to the electrical components inside of the unit, and does not include physical breaks (as wear and tear varies person to person).

Oil Cooler: 1 Year warranty only applies to oil coolers. This is because of the many variables applicable to these components. 

Overflow Bottle: 3 Year Warranty on our Overflow Bottles applies to material degradation only. Additionally to this, we do not warranty the caps with our bottle, as they are thrown in for free with most bottles. Material degradation applies to weakened bottles that begin to crack and perish within this time. We do not cover physical breaks, snaps, and tears that are caused by improper installation techniques. 

Oxygen Sensor: Oxygen Sensor warranty is limited to 3 years, and covers electrical failure only. Invoice must be provided explaining the fault, and professional installation is required with documented invoicing. 

Down Pipes: 1 Year Warranty on this covering holes (from rust), and melting / warping caused by a manufacturing fault. (Investigation will be required)

Electrical Performance Cables: 1 Year Warranty that covers electrical failure only. Will not cover wear and tear, or break of the electrical wiring internally. 

Power Steering Pump: Power Steering Pumps do apply for the 3 Year Warranty, but we will require policies to be followed. To qualify, you must: 1) Follow industry procedure when replacing the power steering 2) Have it installed by a professional mechanic 3) Supply us with the relevant receipts

Radiator: Radiator is covered by a 3 year warranty, but evidence MUST be supplied by a licensed mechanic / business stating the the car never had pressurisation issues. We will require said evidence to be sent to us for processing.

Window Switches: Single Window Switches are covered for 3 Years, but are limited to electrical failure only. We do not cover physical breaks as wear and tear varies between people. 

Starter Motor: Starter Motors are covered for a period of 3 years. Warranty covers electrical failure and the ring gear. Invoices outlining professional installation are required. Product should be send back for testing/diagnosis and inspection before any further action is taken. 

Sunvisor: Sunvisors do apply for the 3 year warranty, but are subject to realistic circumstances. We do not warranty snapping of the visor, but will warranty if the visor does not hold itself up (75%). We do not cover if it does no longer feel tight, but if it drops in your face then it will be considered. 

Thermostat Housing: Thermostat housings do apply for the 3 year warranty, but warranty will only be accepted if the correct measures are met. There measures include: A) Invoiced Confirmation from a licensed business stating the cause. Also must state the there is no/and has not been presuriations issues in the past. B) Original receipts/invoices from professional installation. (Any car that has been overheated will also not qualify for warranty, as this can break down the components, and cause failure prematurely. We cover material breakdown under nominal circumstance only. This would include manufacturing faults. 

Washer Jet: Washer Jets are not covered by any additional warranty other then the manufacturer warranty of 1 year. 

Window Regulator: Window Regulators are covered by the 3 year warranty. Warranty is limited to the electrical and wiring components of the unit, but we will require specific explanation as to how the unit failed. We will also require the unit back to inspect the specifics. Warranty would be accepted if we specific components to be at fault, but could be denied if the following circumstances are met; Stretched Cables caused by pushing against / down on the window glass, incorrect installation procedure causes rails to fall off / pulleys to give way. Each case, is situational, but most of the time warranty would be accepted. 

SUBMIT an Application for Return

Degradation is defined as a loss of the relevant properties of materials which proceeds gradually due to exposure to in-service conditions.

Blown Head Gasket is defined as when the gasket between the cylinder head and engine block has allowed for a leak, causing issues within the cars engine. Issues such as; overheating, pressurization, oil and water loss etc. 



Maximum Liability for All Car Parts sold by Parts Factory Australia is limited to the replacement of the Parts Sold Only.  We should not be held responsible for any further damages or costs associated with the car parts we sold.

Our liability, and liability of our Indemnified Officers under this agreement is limited to (at our election):

(A) Replacing the Product with the same or equivalent Product; or

(B) Repairing the Product; or

(C) A refund of the amount you paid us for the Product.

(iv) We are not liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from faulty design or manufacture of the Product, other than for Products we have manufactured;

    • We are not liable for Consequential Loss in relation to any Product, however arising;
    • We hold the title in the Product and will bear the risk of any damage to or theft or loss of Product during transport to the delivery address. Title and risk in the Product passes to you on delivery. We are not liable for any loss, theft or damage to the Product after delivery;
    • We will not be liable if you have failed to follow instructions for use of the Product, modified the Product or used the Product for an unintended purpose;
    • We are not liable to you for errors in the information you provide to us; and
    • We are not liable for default or failure in performance of our obligations under this agreement resulting directly or indirectly from the actions of suppliers, delivery services or any other circumstances caused by factors beyond our reasonable control, whether or not caused through any act or inaction by us, our employees, agents or independent contractors, or through any other cause.
    • Despite any other provision to the contrary, you agree that our total liability and the total liability of our Indemnified Officers in connection with this agreement whether under contract or tort, will not in any circumstances exceed a sum equal to the greater of: $100; or the price of the Product in dispute.


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