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saving the planet, one box at a time.

Waste Reduction, Energy Consumption Reduction and Carbon Usage Reduction. 

What Steps do we Take?

Simple and Effective Steps Taken to Reduce waste. 

Packaging Recycling

By Shredding up unused boxes, we are able to reduce our packaging consumption by up to 35%.

Monthly Donations

Sales based donations paid monthly to Earth Voice (as of 2022). This helps increase our reach via 3rd Party entities.

Off Grid Facility

Our Chinchilla Based Storage Facility Runs Entirely off Grid. This includes Forklifts, Accommodation and Climate Control Systems. 

Electric Fleet

Our Three Forklifts are fully electric, charged off-grid. We have targeted for  an electric truck when they are readily available. 

Compostable Labels

We Use Fully Compostable Postage Labels. Labels are purchased from ‘Ecolabels’ brand.

Eco Friendly Manufacturers

We only select manufacturers with eco-friendly certification when possible. 


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