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Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Recall


Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Suit 2005-2015 SR & SR5 Non VSC Models 84306-0K051

Original price was: $103.30.Current price is: $78.30.

5.00 out of 5

Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Recall

The Toyota Hilux has long been a beloved vehicle for those who need a sturdy, reliable truck for work or play. However, recent concerns about the clock spring in certain models have caused many drivers to worry about their safety on the road. Thankfully, Parts Factory Australia has a replacement for this faulty part, giving Hilux owners the peace of mind they need to drive with confidence. Whether you’re hauling heavy loads or tackling tough terrain, you can trust that your Hilux is now equipped with the highest quality parts, thanks to Parts Factory Australia. So, if you’re the proud owner of a Toyota Hilux and want to keep it running smoothly and safely, look no further than Parts Factory Australia for all your replacement parts needs. If you do require a Replacement Clock Spring For Your Hilux, Parts Factory Australia stocks them at an affordable price that wont break the bank.

Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Recall

Toyota has recently announced a recall of their popular Hilux model due to a potential issue with the clock spring. The clock spring is a critical component in the steering wheel, allowing for the use of various controls like the horn, cruise control, and airbag. If the clock spring is faulty, these controls may not work properly, posing a risk to drivers and passengers alike. As always, safety is the top priority – especially for those on the road. It is crucial that Toyota Hilux owners take action and have their vehicle inspected as soon as possible.

Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Recall

Have you ever wondered how cars can drive and turn smoothly without tangling all the wires and other components under the steering wheel? This is all thanks to a small and often overlooked piece called the clock spring. It is a coiled ribbon-like structure that sits behind the steering wheel and acts as a connection point between the steering column and the electrical components within the steering wheel. Its main job is to keep wires and connectors safe and untangled while allowing them to move freely as the steering wheel turns. Essentially, it’s a flexible, circular electrical wire that can twist and turn with the steering wheel’s movement while maintaining its electrical continuity. Without it, the electrical components that control airbags, cruise control, and other important vehicle functions would be impossible to use effectively and consistently. So, although small, the clock spring is a vital piece in ensuring your car’s smooth and safe operation.

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Taking the time to learn how to install new car parts yourself can be a great way to save money and gain additional skills. Youtube is an excellent resource for tutorials about installing car parts, and following along with an experienced technician can make all the difference. You can watch as many videos as you need until you feel comfortable about tackling projects on your own. With patience, practice, and skilful hands, it won’t be long until you’re able to tackle major repairs and upgrades such as replacing brakes or swapping out speakers. Start by browsing Youtube channels dedicated to car care and see which tutorials are available. From there you’ll have everything you need to get started on something that could potentially make a huge difference in the performance of your vehicle. Visit our Youtube Channel Today. Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Recall

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Car maintenance can be costly, but there are ways to save money without compromising on quality. Parts Factory Australia offers a wide selection of car parts that are durable and affordable. With their team of knowledgeable and experienced staff, customers can be confident that they’re making the right purchase for their vehicle. Whether you need parts for routine maintenance or for more complex repairs, Parts Factory Australia has you covered. Don’t let car repairs break the bank – take advantage of the savings available at Parts Factory Australia and keep your car running smoothly. Toyota Hilux Clock Spring Recall

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