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How does it work?

Due to the Nature of a Thermostat Housing, they are usually very brittle after minimal use, and can crack, leak or snap rendering your car unusable. The Waterflow that travels through your housing is an essential part of the thermal regulation system, essential dispersing excess heat generated by the internal combustion cycle of your car.

Parts Factory Australia sells high quality, low cost thermostat housings for many makes and models, including Toyota, Hyundai, Holden and much more! Free Postage and Returns! 3 Year Warranty.

Welcome to jump on the website and come and talk to our online mechanical repairs expert. We can help you determine if this is the correct part for you, or if we think you may need other parts. We are honest mechanics, that operate across Australia. If you can do the DIY, we can do the diagnosis for you. Thermostat housing DIY work is possible from the walls of your own house, with very basic tools and parts, your automobile can be back up and running in no time at all!

Make sure you sign up to the Parts Factory Online Social Media system, that will allow you to chat to others in the same predicament as you. Similar issues, with the same car. Leave a review on your make and model, and let other know just how reliable each particular make and model may or may not be.

Visit our youtube channel to continue to see demonstrational videos outlining how to fix issues with cars.

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