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Honda Window Regulator

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Honda Window Regulator

Welcome to Parts Factory Australia. Here you can see our full range of Honda Window Regulators. We sell high quality replacement regulators for the use in a range of vehicles. These vehicles include; Jazz, Accord, CR-V and HR-V.

High Quality Replacement regulators require specific components to be designed in a way that maximises longevity. With constant pressure on the wiring, cables and electric motors, you can imagine the wear and tear on these specific parts. Our regulators are put together from the ground up, selecting optimal quality parts to assure this success.

Free Postage and Returns is offered with all regulators within our shop. Express Postage options are available at a generous flat rate of $12.

Our DIY installation tutorial section assist you to either A) Know the length of time required to do the job or B) Assist you to complete the task in a DIY fashion.

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