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The Best Brand New Car Parts to Make Your Car Look as Good as New

Brand New Car PartsA car is a must have for any Australian to move around. As you drive the car on the road, there is a chance that you might require to have replacement parts for your vehicle. Despite the robustness of your car manufacturer, the need for replacement car parts is certain due to wear and tear and other factors. So, you have to decide to purchase used car parts or brand new car parts to maintain your car. Parts Factory Australia is a place where Australians feel confident to have reliable car spare parts for them.

Need for Car Spare Parts

Certain aspects of our vehicles might fail for a variety of reasons. If the battery no longer retains a charge, we may need to replace it. If the engine suddenly becomes excessively loud, we may need to replace the muffler. It is critical to ensure that the auto part we are trying to replace is the correct one and should fit properly. Used auto parts are a cost-effective alternative to acquiring brand new car parts. However, when you purchase used car parts, you have to gamble with the risk of having a bad or good fit for your car. If it is not done correctly, you will have to purchase yet another auto part.

Vehicle Inspection to Identify Problem

The first step is to determine which component needs a replacement for your vehicle. Find out where the noise is coming from if your car is producing unusual noises. When you hear the unexpected sounds, take note of what function the automobile is performing. When you step on the brakes, do you hear a scratching sound? The brake pads may need to be replaced. Check the vehicle for any damaged parts as well. Examine the bonnet, parts beneath and the vehicle itself. A good driver always inspects his car before starting the journey to check for any alien signs.


Once you’ve determined which car part needs replacement, you need to make sure compatibility of parts with your car. It would be best to consider the manufacturer of your car, year of manufacturing and model. While all of the essential pieces of a car of the same type could be the same, the size and form of each portion will vary depending on the brand and model.

Brand New Car Parts at Parts Factory Australia

Parts Factory Australia stocks a range of brand new car parts from almost all manufacturers. We have aftermarket and O.E.M car parts of high quality that are backed with a three years replacement warranty.

Following are some of the Brand New Car Parts available with us:

Brand New Master Control Switch

The earlier versions of vehicles have a manual handle to roll down or roll up the window mirror. The innovation leads to more futuristic capabilities, and Powered Windows is one of them. These motorised windows have a Master Control Switch that helps you push down or push up the mirror with a single tap. If your power window buttons aren’t working and you’re having difficulty sliding the window mirrors, you should consider replacing the panel.

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Following Master Window Switch Controls are available at Parts Factory Australia

  • Mazda 6 Master Control Switch
  • Mazda 3 Master Control Switch
  • Holden Rodeo Master Control Switch
  • Holden Colorado Master Control Switch
  • Hyundai Getz Master Control Switch
  • Honda CR-V Master Control Switch
  • Honda Jazz Master Control Switch
  • Hyundai Ix35 Electric Window Switch

If you own a car, you may have noticed that the AC clutch does not engage when you switch it on or that the compressor is not operating at all. This can result in the absence of child air within your vehicle. The mechanical experts and AC specialists may advise you to budget $1500-$2000 for the job to replace the clutch. They may also recommend a new Air Conditioning Compressor Kit, a TX valve, and so on. You don’t have to be concerned since Parts Factory AUS offers brand new and aftermarket vehicle parts and items of excellent quality. To help you save on replacement costs, our video tutorials provide succinct details for DIY projects.

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Why Choose Parts Factory Australia

Parts Factory Australia has gained the trust of people after serving them for over three decades. Our car spare parts come with a three-year guarantee, and we deliver without charges. We have a variety of certified spare parts and are made of high-quality materials.

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