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Looking for the Best Exterior Car Door Handle Repair Near Me? Parts Factory Australia Has Got You Covered!

exterior car door handle repair near me Looking for exterior car door handle repair near me? If so, stop looking. Parts Factory Australia sells premium auto parts. Since we’ve been in business for over 30 years, we know Australian car culture and design products accordingly. Our highly qualified team can provide the best auto-parts solutions.

We sell only high-quality vehicle parts from trustworthy manufacturers. We prioritise customer satisfaction and never disappoint. Whenever it comes to exterior car door handle repair, you can trust Parts Factory Australia to get the job done!

How to Repair Exterior Door Handle?

Doors are easier to fix than engines. As crucial as the timing belt or CV joint. Weird. Easy. Door knobs are straightforward despite modern controls. Doorknobs and mechanisms can break. However, they’re easy to replace.


You will require the following equipment:

  • Towel
  • Tape
  • Ratchet
  • Sockets
  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers

These tools are needed to remove the door trim.


  • Unscrew the door panel for improved handle access and remove panel screws.
  • Edge the door panel from the front, bottom, and back of the door. When the boards are clipped, pull a trim tool between the door and panel.
  • Remove the door trim panel’s bottom screw. Unplug electrical connectors when the panel’s top edge lifts.
  • Tilt the door panel or handle to open it.
  • If required, cut the vapour barrier and rebuild it. Controls won’t be dry otherwise.
  • Remove the door handle, and unscrew the door handle. The rod connects the handle and latch; remove the clip.
  • Replace handle. Replace clips, panels, and screws. Test new grips. Check halfway to avoid disassembling again.

Door Handle Types

First-Gen Handles

First-Gen Handles are classic door handles and were widely used before 1930.

Trigger Handles

The cars from the 1970s and 1990s had trigger handles on which the internal mechanism opened the door.

Flap Handles

1990s automobiles had flap handles. A car looks different with the door handle flap pulled back.

Push-Button Handles

In the 1970s, push-button handles disappeared. This handle was buttoned, and safety-minded manufacturers removed handles.

Pull-Up Handles

The 1980s and 1990s popularised pull-up handles. It opened. Simple design led to different sizes. Safety deleted pull-up handles.

Push-Down Grips

Fashionable push-down door handles. Pull. Pull door knobs to open.

Pull-Out Handles

These handles are modern. Pull-up handles are unreliable, hazardous, and pricey. The door pulls open.

Touch Control

Modern car doors open by touch. Tesla’s handles are like other electric car manufacturers.

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Please contact us if you require any other information. We offer online support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

External Door Handle Problems

Loose Door Handle

Door knobs are sometimes made of metallic-coated polymer. They’re connected to the door panel by a cable or electric relay that electronically opens doors. Most door handles are still wired. Constant use can loosen them. This goes beyond aesthetics. Loose door handles can loosen door lock cables. If the cable breaks, the door latching mechanism won’t work. If your door handle is loose, contact a professional immediately. This is often a simple repair that can save you money.

Interior Door Handle Requires More Effort

An inside door handle makes opening a door easy. The door handle hinge may slip or become loose with wear, requiring extra effort to open. This extra effort is sometimes caused by a kink in the linkage and might cause the door handle to detach. If you have trouble opening and closing the door, replace the handle.

The Door Is Locked

If the interior door handle is broken, so is the latch. The door won’t open. Most door inside components needs oil. The components will seize as the grease dries off. Contact a skilled mechanic to evaluate and fix the inner door handle before it causes further damage.

Most door knobs are stress-free and last a lifetime. The inner door handle will shatter unless they build an impenetrable one. If you see any the danger signals, call a professional.

Why Parts Factory Australia for Exterior Car Door Handle Repair Near Me?

Parts Factory Australia has been the top choice for customers whenever someone’s looking for an exterior car door handle repair near me. We sell OEM-replacement car parts, equipment, and accessories. Our vehicle parts assortment includes Holden, Suzuki, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, and Mazda. We can send it to any place in Australia, so shop with confidence.

3-Year Replacement Warranty

Gold Coast car components from Components Factory Australia have a 3-year warranty. Our vehicle components meet or exceed Australian standards for quality.


Our team seeks high-quality aftermarket parts. As Australia’s principal importer and distributor, we work with the world’s top manufacturers. Before selling aftermarket parts, we check the shape, fit, and functionality. 30-day refund available. We maintain consistency by using the same high-quality vendors.


Postage is based on the buyer’s location. Most purchases under 500 g qualify for free Express Shipping; however, heavier ones cost more.


No matter the condition of your car, our professionals can help. An expert can help you maintain your vehicle or learn about its parts and condition.

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Do you want to get your door handles fixed at the best rates? If so, please call us on 0423113802 today. Because whenever you need exterior car door handle repair near me, you can trust Parts Factory Australia to get the job done!

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