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Purchase the Best Quality Honda CRV Regulator at a Reasonable Price

Are you looking for a Honda CRV regulator? If so, the search is complete. Components Factory Australia provides auto parts of the finest quality. Since we’ve been in business for more than three decades, we’re familiar with Australian car culture and design products that reflect this. Our highly qualified team can provide customers with the most efficient solution to auto parts problems.

We only offer premium auto parts from reliable manufacturers and keep a consistent quality standard. We always put customer happiness first and endeavour never to let them down. We value our customers so that they recognise Parts Factory Australia as the best option whenever a spare parts car company is required in Australia.

Honda CRV

Since 1996, Honda has produced and sold the compact crossover SUV CR-V in North America. The Civic chassis is SUV-styled. The CR-V is positioned between the smaller ZR-V (HR-V in North America) and the larger Passport/Pilot or Avancier/UR-V for the Chinese market. “CR-V” denotes “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” Honda republished a British vehicle review that used the term “Compact Recreational Vehicle,” although Honda does not. Honda began manufacturing the CR-V in Sayama, Japan, and Swindon, England, for international markets, adding North American sites in East Liberty, Ohio, in 2007; El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico, in late 2007 (ceased operations in early 2017); Alliston, Ontario, in 2012; and Greensburg, Indiana, in February 2017. Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company builds the CR-V in Wuhan for the Chinese market. Guangqi Honda sells the Honda Breeze in China.

Honda CRV regulatorWhat Is a Vehicle Voltage Regulator?

Your vehicle’s voltage regulator, also known as a switching regulator, controls the voltage produced by the alternator (generator in older cars or starter generator in tractors). The input voltage would be excessively high without the alternator voltage regulator and overload the vehicle’s electrical systems. To prevent this, the voltage regulator functions similarly to a linear regulator in that it maintains a constant charging voltage between 13.5V and 14.5V at the alternator output.

This is sufficient steady voltage to recharge the battery without overwhelming your vehicle’s electrical components and circuits, such as the instrument cluster, batteries, headlights, motors, etc. If the charging voltage falls below 13.5V, the regulator provides additional charging current to the alternator’s field winding. If the voltage level exceeds 14.5V, the regulator will cease supplying the field winding with power and prevent the alternator from charging.

How Does a Vehicle Voltage Regulator Function?

The process begins when the ignition switch is turned on. The battery supplies voltage to the starter motor, which ignites the engine through combustion. Once the engine is going, a drive belt rotates the alternator’s rotor, energising the field coil and producing DC electricity to charge the battery. However, the power source must pass via the electronic voltage regulator before reaching the battery.

The power supply passes through the alternator regulator, consisting of diodes such as a Zener diode, a transistor, and several other components.

These diodes collectively manage the duty cycle by turning the alternator on and off as the voltage output from the field circuit fluctuates.

The field coil within the alternator or generator links to the switching regulator, operating as quickly as 2,000 times a second and closing the connection.

If the output voltage falls below 13.5V, the power source is insufficient; thus, the regulator’s sensors close the alternator circuit. This activates the alternator, which increases the magnetic field and supplies power to the battery.

Then, when the battery voltage exceeds 14.5V, the regulator disconnects the alternator output or generator, reducing the magnetic field and preventing it from charging the battery. This makes sure the battery doesn’t overcharge and perhaps explode or burn out.

Your electronic voltage regulator rarely experiences problems and is difficult to repair today. Therefore, when they begin to malfunction, it is easier to install a new one than to attempt to repair a malfunctioning alternator regulator.

Numerous automobiles additionally feature an engine control module (ECM) that regulates the alternator’s voltage via a dedicated circuit. As part of the fail-safe circuit, these are significantly more advanced and can diagnose and describe any faults.

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Why Should You Select Australia Parts Factory for Honda CRV Regulator?

Parts Factory Australia is your one-stop store for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement vehicle parts, accessories, and tools. Explore our vast selection of auto parts for Holden, Suzuki, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, and Mazda, some of Australia’s most renowned automakers. We can often ship and deliver to any address in Australia so that you can shop with confidence.

Three-Year Replacement Warranty

A three-year replacement warranty protects the Honda CRV regulator and other spare parts sold by Parts Factory Australia. In addition, we ensure that our auto parts are of the highest quality and meet or exceed Australian requirements.

Consistent Quality

Our staff sources high-quality aftermarket components. As an importer and distributor for the largest parts stores in Australia, we exclusively work with leading manufacturers. Before selling replacement parts, we analyse their shape, fit, and function. We provide a 30-day refund guarantee. We maintain consistency by sourcing from the same high-quality vendors at any cost.

Shipping Made Simple Postage will be computed based on the location of the buyer. Most things weighing less than 500 g are eligible for free Express Shipping, while heavier items incur a cost.

Expert Advice

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, our team of professionals is always accessible to offer you trustworthy advice. Maintaining your vehicle or acquiring general information or insight into its parts and condition requires the assistance of an expert.

Automobile Warranty

The vehicle warranty is essential for every car owner, and we are happy to report that in most cases, straight replacement parts will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

ECO Friendly

We recycle all unwanted materials using a cardboard box shredder, including any returned pickup or delivery boxes.

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