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ABS Sensors

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How does it work?

Welcome to Parts Factory Australia. We sell high quality, high accuracy ABS Speed Sensor the General Public and Trade Customers. It’s important the Cheap ABS Speed Sensor that you use is of high standard, as the technical requirement for the sensors must match the O.E.M specifications of the ABS Braking System/Pump of your Car.

ABS Sensors measure the speed of each wheel hub, and compare them against each other. This helps the ABS Pump determine how much pressure to send individually to each pump, in turn allowing for more dynamic braking performance. It’s important that dynamic traction is maintained, otherwise the braking performance can be severely reduced and will affect your cars overall performance dramatically.

Whilst we are high quality, we are also offer Comparability Cheap Speed Sensors. Our competitors also offer cheap ABS Sensors, but they skimp out on quality, in order to compete in the market.

Through a sophisticated electrical system, the ABS Sensors and the ABS Pump work together to create a synchronised Braking System. However, if one sensor busts out, then it can disable the entire system on late model cars.

In conclusion, we can now understand the importance of having high quality components, due to the catastrophic ramifications that are possible if the problem persists.. When purchasing your ABS Sensor, make sure you take into considering build quality, &, the sensors performance rating against O.E.M Car Parts. We do this testing for you, and only sell high quality components.

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