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Welcome to Parts Factory Australia

Today we will fill you in on some important information on: Combination Switch’s, Combination Mechanisms, Wiper Stalks, Wiper Switch’s and More!

Combination Switch

Here you can Find High Quality Combination switches at a Fraction of the Cost of Buying Genuine! They all come with a 3 Year Guaranteed Parts Warranty.

Combination Mechanisms

We sell High Quality Combination Mechanisms for all Makes and Models, including Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and much much more! If your chasing a replacement Combination Mechanism, then visit our site today! This includes Indicator Stalks, Wiper Stalks, Hazard Switches and Much Much More!

Wiper Stalk

Our Wiper Stalks are Engineered above and beyond O.E.M Specification. Some of our parts are designed completely different, allowing for a more reliable, durable design. Wiper Switches can be a very detrimental piece of your cars operating capacity, and its important that they are always working, 100% of the time. That’s why you should always reach for the higher quality manufacturer like us!

Indicator Stalk

Having a functioning Indicator Stalk is an important part of your car in general. It’s important that the Indicator stalk you choose, is of high quality, so that you never get stuck out with a useless car.

Wiper Switch

Wiper Switches, regardless if it’s for the front or the rear of the car, play a very important role in the safety and performance of your car. Generally speaking, most Wiper switches are user operated, and require full capacity of the unit itself. Without a working Wiper Switch, you may be unable to see where you are travelling, ultimately rendering your car useless during the rain.

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