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Hyundai Master Control Switch

Hyundai Master Control Switch Shop Online

Parts Factory Australia sells High Quality Hyundai Master Control Switch to the Australian Public. Our products are engineered to Australia O.E.M Specifications and are covered under a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Hyundai Master Control Switch

Australia Owned:

As we are Australians ourselves, we understand the importance of have a vehicle that you can always depend on. That is why we place significant emphasis on quality control at all times, regardless of the manufacturing costs. We also understand the importance of a quick turnaround when ordering parts, and that is why we’ve made it our mission to provide the quickest postage time of any other New Car Parts Store within Australia, Guaranteed.

Full Range:

We Stock High Quality parts at an affordable price such as Hyundai Master Control Switch and Hyundai i30 Master Control Switch at a fraction of the cost of going to your dealer.


Our warranty period for Hyundai Master Control Switch is above and beyond industry standard, with most of our competition only providing 6-12 months warranty. Our warranty period is 3 years, which we hope boasts to our consumers that we are confident in the product we build and deliver to our customers.


Shipping times for most of our products such as Hyundai i30Master Control Switch are within 2-3 business days Australia Wide. Postage estimates can change, but if you have experience with slow deliveries times for your area, most of our products qualify for $12 Express Postage options meaning you can have your product even sooner!

We are a Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia based Automotive car parts business that cares about its customers, and their cars.


Replace Your Malfunctioning Master Switch Control and Power Window Wiring

Power windows are standard in modern vehicles and have several advantages over manual windows. These motorised windows include a form of the master switch control. These switches allow the driver or operator to roll up or down all of the window mirrors with a single press. If your power window buttons aren’t working and you’re having trouble sliding the window mirrors, you should try changing the panel. Our videos are helpful and make the repair and replacement task hassle free when you have the proper tools. Parts Factory Australia sells these control switches for a variety of vehicles, and you can learn how to install them by watching our video tutorials.

Power Windows in Modern Cars

The benefits of utilising powered window glasses in a car are numerous. Until recently, most cars had manual windows that you had to crank up and down. The old manual windows are just nostalgic, and there are a few reasons why they aren’t used in new cars.

Power Windows Features

Apart from the standard capability of rolling up and down the windows with the stroke of a button, powered car windows offer certain unique characteristics. These elements make power windows more user-friendly and convenient. These traits are summarised as follows:

Automatic Rolling Down with One Tap

This is a feature included in almost all power windows. The user may have the windows scroll all the way down by pressing the button once. A circuit switch is used in the procedure to track how long the switch was held down. The window lowers to the limit switch and stops if the switch is held down for less than a second. If the button is held down for a lengthy amount of time, the circuit calculates the time and prevents the window from sliding down as soon as pressure on the button is released.

Automatic Rolling Up with One Tap

Because of the difficulties it implies, this trait is unusual. The automatic up and down operation is a similar process. The automatic up option, on the other hand, is risky. If a child’s hand or a pet dog or cat’s paw gets in the way of the window while it is being lifted, the chance of getting hurt is great, and the loss could be a serious injury.

An accident is conceivable since the window will not stop until it hits the limit switch. The only way to overcome this problem is to add another circuit to the system that can monitor how fast the window rolls up. When the speed is lowered due to an obstruction, the circuit reverses the power to the motor, lowering the window.

Power windows work only in case someone ignites the vehicle. However, some vehicles have some sort of power backup that is tasked to supply power to the window circuit despite you turning off the engine. If you forget to roll up your windows, this feature saves you from having to restart your car only to roll them up.

Replace the Damaged or Malfunctioning Master Switch Control

In case you observe that the Master Switch Control in your car is malfunctioning, you need to replace it with a brand-new one. A deteriorated switch can cause a lot of inconveniences, so you must look for a robust one to make your car reliable once again.

The following master window switch controls are available at Parts Factory Australia.

  • Mazda 6 Master Control Switch
  • Mazda 3 Master Control Switch
  • Holden Rodeo Master Control Switch
  • Holden Colorado Master Control Switch
  • Hyundai Getz Master Control Switch
  • Honda CR-V Master Control Switch
  • Honda Jazz Master Control Switch
  • Hyundai Ix35 Electric Window Switch

Why Choose Parts Factory Australia

Parts Factory Australia has earned the trust of Australians after servicing them for over three decades. Our components are covered by a three-year warranty, and we provide free shipping. We have a selection of master switch controls for numerous vehicles that have been quality-checked and are built of high-grade materials. We offer two and four-button master switch control in stock to suit the demand of the bigger market.

Master Switch Control and Power Window Wiring

Modern-day cars are equipped with Power windows and offer a number of advantages over manual windows. These powered windows have a sort of Master Switch Control, which gives the person driving the vehicle to roll up or down all of the window mirrors with just one tap. If your power window buttons aren’t working and you struggle rolling the mirrors of windows, you must consider replacing the panel, which is an easy DIY, fun project. Parts Factory Australia offers these controllers for various cars, and you can take guidance from our video tutorials.

Replace Your Malfunctioning Master Control Switch

Your car may have a malfunction or damaged master switch button, which can cause disruption for you. Parts Factory Australia has the confidence of Australians as we have been serving people for over three decades. Our parts have a warranty of three years, and we deliver the products free of postal charges. We have a collection of Master Switch Control for various cars that are tested for quality checks and made of quality materials. We do have stock of two and four-button Master Switch Controls to meet the demand of the larger segment. Give us a call to know about specific details. We are available round the clock to offer online support.

Master Control SwitchPower windows are the basic in almost all automobiles, and they have various advantages over manual windows. These motorised windows have a Master Control Switch that allows drivers to roll up or down window mirrors with just one touch. The master control switch is a crucial part of any car that helps you maintain the safety of your car and yourself as well. If the window mirror switch button isn’t working, and you find it hard or even impossible to move the mirror upward or downward, you should consider replacing the panel.

Master Control Switch by Parts Factory Australia

Parts Factory Australia provides a high-quality master control switch that you can replace to get the perfectly working windows mirror. Our videos are useful and make the repair and replacement process much easier. These window control switches are available from Parts Factory Australia for a number of cars, and you can learn how to install them by viewing our video tutorials.

Besides the functionality of moving the window mirror up and down, the power windows offer certain unique characteristics. These features make any power window convenient and user-friendly, as the driver does not need to roll the lever thrice while driving.

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