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Hyundai Getz Master Control Window Switch suit 2003-2011 4 Button TB Hatchback

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Brand New 4 Button Master Control Switch to suit All Getz Models between 2003-2011. This is a high quality replacement unit designed for the harshest Australian Conditions. It includes a 3 Year Warranty, Free Express Postage and Returns AND a Free Online installation tutorial Video. See our website to find your video and More!

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Hyundai Getz Master Control Window Switch suit 2003-2011 4 Button TB Hatchback

Brand New 4 Button Master Control Switch to suit All Getz Models between 2003-2011. This is a high quality replacement unit designed for the harshest Australian Conditions. It includes a 3 Year Warranty, Free Express Postage and Returns AND a Free Online installation tutorial Video. See our website to find your video and More!


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Hyundai Getz Window Switch

Getz Master Switch


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Google Rating (June 22')
Paula Solway
Paula Solway
Read More
Was extremely happy with these guys, they were so helpful and explained everything to me. I am not familiar with cars or car parts and they didn't try to rip me off, explained everything and made me feel comfortable. 100% suggest giving these guys your business.
Local Guide.
Read More
I got the Hyundai boot latch. Came quickly, I wasn't sure about the tracking but I called the number and the bloke said there was a snafu with a delivery to him. Paid Sunday night, shipped wed, received Thursday. Installed today, working very well from 2 - 3 open close tests. Thanks!
Lucy McVie.
Lucy McVie.
Read More
As a female buying car parts is the last thing I want to do, however I gave these guys a call and told them the problem and they had the parts delivered to my door in 3 days. Couldn’t recommend higher!
Michael Ranieri
Michael Ranieri
Read More
Quality products at affordable prices. Happy to support Australian business 👌 returning customer 👍
Todd bilton
Todd bilton
Read More
reasonable product .no pop rivets included for speaker relocation foam trim around edge of panel came instructions in box but watched YouTube video so no problem.
Gary T.
Gary T.
Read More
The instructional video greatly assisted with the installation. Very straightforward and easy to follow.
Melissa Barclay
Melissa Barclay
Read More
Easy to order, SUPER fast (free express) delivery, quality product and super helpful installation video! Thanks heaps!! ( I wouldn't have put off fixing my car if I'd known it was so easy to do so!)
Sean Cooney
Sean Cooney
Read More
Awesome service, had my part in a couple of days, it was exactly what I ordered and they were super easy to deal with. Highly recommend them and I will use them again without a doubt. P.S. my part would have been $2,300 through the dealer but was $400 from these guys, unreal 😍
John Doe
John Doe
Read More
fit perfectly on my sons car, so I order the other side door handles to match.

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Hyundai Getz Window Switch

Hyundai Getz Window Switch

Purchasing this Getz Master Switch through us may save you $200 on the part, and $100 on labour expenses otherwise charged by a mechanic. 

Meet Our Staff

Byron G.

Store Manager

4th Year Mechanical Repairs Apprentice. Extensive Auto Electrician Knowledge. Studying Bachelor of Business. Favourite Car: Mclaren P1.


Replacement of Hyundai Getz Window Switch Replacement

The innovation in the auto industry introduced us to various new features that are handy in many ways, i.e. power steering, power windows, traction control, hill assist and others. Out of all these features, powered windows are welcomed by many as they have become a basic necessity and security feature. Parts Factory Australia offers Hyundai Getz Window Switch Replacement with our brand new gadget that is built with quality materials, and we do offer three years product warranty as well.

Powered windows are a blessing that has emerged as a standard feature in vehicles of the modern era. Earlier, people had to roll down the window mirrors manually, while the driver couldn’t control all mirrors same time. Thanks to technological innovation, now the driver of the car can control all mirrors with just one tap, which provides more control to the person on the driving seat. This is helpful in many ways as it not only secures the car, especially when the driver is alone. Further, you may be travelling by some naughty kids who are keen to open the window doors to have a glimpse of outdoor activities while out on the road with you. This can distract you and can lead to a fatal accident. The answer to such conditions is modern day powered windows which allow drivers to push only one button to roll up all of the windows.

Due to wear and tear as your car ages, you may experience some resistance when you roll down the window mirror of your car, which is due to a problem with the window switch controller. You may have previously visited a mechanic to resolve the mirror rolling issue, but even after various repairs, it may still not function properly for you and can create distractions for you.

Smooth Working of Power Windows for Years

Power Windows are simple to understand as it involves a push button that sends power from the ground to the motor and pulls your window down, and when you push the button another way, it goes up to make the interior of the car air tight and secure your car.

This is the time to consider Hyundai Getz Window Switch Replacement to secure your car and accessories because you can’t leave it open halfway as someone may try to steal your belongings in the car while you have parked it. Hyundai Getz Master Control Window Switch with four buttons is available at Parts Factory AUS, which is best for cars manufactured between 2033 to 2011. We have high-quality replacement parts that are meant for robust quality. We do offer a replacement warranty of three years for our parts. 

You need not worry about the delivery charges as we offer free express postage, while our industry experts have decades of experience in sourcing quality car parts that are known for their robustness.

Parts Factory AUS only works with the best and greatest manufacturers globally because of our over 30-year history as an importer and distributor to Australia’s leading mechanical auto parts stores. Before sale, we evaluate all aftermarket parts for fit, form, and function against authentic components. With our 30-day return policy, you can buy with confidence and have a perfect car ready to be served with full potential again.

Warranty Claim Process

In case you want to claim the warranty, we have a very smooth and streamlined warranty claim process which will cost you three minutes only.


Part Numbers (See Below)

Main Part Numbers: 935701C110

Any other Recorded Part Numbers: N/A

Comments on Part Number Importance: Not important. Instead, confirm your car is a 2002-2011 Getz Four Door. There is no variation of this part so it will fit.








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HyundaiGetz2002 - 20051.3 L Alpha (G4EH) I4 (petrol)
HyundaiGetz2002 - 20051.5 L Alpha (G4FK) I4 (petrol)
HyundaiGetz2005 - 20091.4 L Alpha (G4EE) I4 (petrol)
HyundaiGetz2005 - 20091.6 L Alpha (G4ED) I4 (petrol)
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