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Purchase Your Rocker Cover Replacement Parts from Parts Factory Australia

rocker cover replacementAre you looking for rocker cover replacement parts at the best rates? Do you want to purchase the highest-grade auto parts? For more than 30 years, Parts Factory Australia has proudly provided high-quality auto parts. Our vehicle parts are always purchased from reputable suppliers. In Australia, we’ve built a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy source for car parts due to the high quality of our products and the positive comments we receive from customers.

Why Are Rocker Covers So Important?

Automobiles rely heavily on their engines to perform their essential functions. Engines are fuel-using machines that generate sufficient power for the optimal operation of cars, aircraft, buses, and other vehicles.

The cylinder head is positioned atop the cylinder block above the cylinders. This component seals the top of the cylinder using a gasket. It consists of intake and exhaust rockers, lifters and springs, and the combustion chamber. This component’s job is to provide sufficient space for the tubes that supply the cylinder air and fuel. Additionally, it allows the exhaust to escape.

Cylinder Head Requires Covers

The connected components of the cylinder head are lubricated using oil. As previously mentioned, a gasket seals the cylinder head to the top of the cylinder. The oil within the cylinder head is prone to leak and damage other engine parts without a cover. In addition, the absence of a cover now allows dirt and debris to enter the essential engine components.

Engine manufacturers would seal rocker covers with rubber or cork gasket to prevent leaks and the accumulation of dirt and debris. However, extended exposure to direct heat and oil might eventually cause these covers to degrade.

Engine Security

The concept underlying rock cover gaskets are pretty straightforward. A rock cover gasket is initially a rubber or cork gasket positioned above the engine cylinder head. This location allows it to seal and secure the rocker cover effectively. In addition to the rocker cover, a rock cover gasket seals spark plug tubes and ports.

This gasket comprises a resilient and flexible substance that protects the engine cylinder head and prevents oil leakage and contamination of other engine components. It can also help prevent dirt and debris from entering the cylinder head’s interior. The rock cover gasket can also give cooling properties to engine components. Lastly, rock cover gaskets help prevent engine fires brought on by seeping substances.

Preserving Rock Cover Gasket

Depending on the circumstances, replacing a rock cover gasket may be costly. To avoid excessive expenditures on this matter, you must guarantee that your engine is routinely tested and serviced. Regularly examining your rock cover gaskets can prevent potential damage to sensitive engine components and expensive repairs.

It is simple to determine if your rock cover gasket needs replacement. Common signs of a deteriorated rock cover gasket include oil leakage from the engine’s top, spark plugs, and onto the ground. A damaged rock cover gasket also causes a burning oil odour while driving. Given the importance of rock cover gaskets for automobiles, it is reasonable to say that they contribute to safe driving.

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Rocker Cover Replacement

The process of rocker cover replacement is very straightforward. Just follow the steps explained below:

Try To Use A Torque Wrench To Tighten The Rocker Cover Bolts

The initial step may also be the final one. Using a torque wrench or a clamp to tighten the rocker cover nuts gradually is an excellent place to start before taking everything off. No guarantee tightening nuts will prevent leaks caused by defective gaskets. Aluminium rocker covers are susceptible to cracking. Steel rocker covers are susceptible to warping. After tightening, keep an eye on the oil level. If oil continues to leak, proceed to step two.

Bolts On the Rocker Cover Should Be Removed

Let the engine cool. Remove the rocker cover according to the directions in your repair handbook. This car has a turbocharger and a lot of plumbing in the way of it working correctly. Get rid of any obstructions, such as throttle cables, plug brackets, PCV hoses, etc. Remove the rocker cover screws.

Replace The Gasket On A Rocker Cover

Lift the rocker cover off. Using a rubber mallet to pound on the rocker cover will help loosen its grip. Dropping something into the engine is quite dangerous. Adding a new nut or bolt into the engine will be more difficult. Stopping this from happening can be as simple as placing an old newspaper over the engine as a tent.

Installing The Gasket on The Rocker Cover

The new rocker cover gasket must be installed once the old one has been removed. There is a groove in the rocker cover for the gasket to rest in. Scraping aluminium rocker covers and cylinder heads with metal scrapers is not recommended. To avoid nicks that could lead to leaks, use plastic. The new rocker cover bolt grommets are also worth mentioning.

Only Use Silicone When Necessary

Only apply silicone in areas where it’s necessary. Not unless the repair manual or gasket instructions specifically recommend it. Before using silicone, make sure all surfaces are free of oil. Before turning on the engine, let the silicone cure ultimately.

The Rocker Cover Can Be Removed by Simply Lifting It

Tie down the rocker cover bolts to the specified torque, then reinstall the rocker cover gasket. Bolts holding the rocker cover on don’t need to be overly torqued. With the help of a torque wrench and repair handbook, there will be no room for error.

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