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Holden Air Conditioning Compressor

Holden Air Conditioning Compressor

Parts Factory Australia sells High Quality Holden Air Conditioning Compressor to the Australian Public. Our products are engineered to Australia O.E.M Specifications and are covered under a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Holden Air Conditioning Compressor

Australia Owned:

As we are Australians ourselves, we understand the importance of have a vehicle that you can always depend on. That is why we place significant emphasis on quality control at all times, regardless of the manufacturing costs. We also understand the importance of a quick turnaround when ordering parts, and that is why we’ve made it our mission to provide the quickest postage time of any other New Car Parts Store within Australia, Guaranteed.

Full Range:

We Stock High Quality parts at an affordable price such as Holden Commodore Air Conditioning Compressor at a fraction of the cost of going to your dealer.

Warranty:Holden Air Conditioning Compressor

Our warranty period for Holden Air Conditioning Compressor is above and beyond industry standard, with most of our competition only providing 6-12 months warranty. Our warranty period is 3 years, which we hope boasts to our consumers that we are confident in the product we build and deliver to our customers.


Shipping times for most of our products such as Holden Commodore Air Conditioning Compressor are within 2-3 business days Australia Wide. Postage estimates can change, but if you have experience with slow deliveries times for your area, most of our products qualify for $12 Express Postage options meaning you can have your product even sooner!

We are a Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia based Automotive car parts business that cares about its customers, and their cars.


Get New Holden Air Conditioner Compressors and Improve Car Internal Cooling

Being the owner of a Holden car, you may have experienced that the AC clutch is not engaging when you turn it ON, or the compressor may not be working and thus no cool air within your car. The mechanical experts and AC specialists may ask you to get ready for an expense of $1500-$2000 to get the job done that may include replacing the clutch, and they can’t get the clutch by itself, so they want to install a new Holden Air Conditioning Compressors kit, a TX valve etc. You need not worry much about the situation as Parts Factory AUS offers brand new and aftermarket car parts and products of high quality. At the same time, our video tutorials give brief detail about DIY projects.

Holden Car Cooling System

Generally, any car’s cooling system comprises a condenser, a fan, and a drier on the front side. The backside items include an expansion valve and evaporator blower, while the AC compressor and AC clutch are placed between the front and back sides.

The compressor’s front side includes a coil that generates a magnetic field to function the AC; the Drive Hub is placed behind the coil, followed by the compressor Piston. Other mechanical parts of the AC compressor include a Swashplate and Electronic control valve placed on the backside of the compressor.

Cooling Mechanism

The high pressure gaseous of 100 degrees Celsius passed to the condenser from the compressor through a pipeline where the fan will spin and reduce the temperature of the liquid to 45 degrees Celsius. This liquid will have a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and a low pressure after passing through the lower side of the expansion valve. The cooling liquid then will enter the evaporator, where the blower will further reduce the temperature to the chilling zone, i.e. five degrees Celsius. Finally, the cooled liquid will pass through the upper side of the expansion valve and then enter the compressor. The cooled liquid help maintain the internal temperature to 22 degree Celsius which is recommended.

Holden Air Conditioning Compressors for Air Cooling Problem

If the compressor on your Holden car fails to function, it is hard to be fixed. Still, nothing to worry about that, as the Holden car’s air conditioner compressor is the system’s heart. It is meant to aid the refrigerant process that keeps the cooling system running and gives you the required internal climate. Here the thing to consider is whether you should replace Holden air conditioning compressors, the exterior unit of your cooling system, or replace the entire air conditioner in your Holden vehicle.

To be true, the solution to your car’s cooling system depends on the scenario, and you may have to inspect and figure out the problem. Parts Factory Australia provides a large selection of brand new AC compressors for Holden car models. If the remaining AC unit is in good working order, you should save money by replacing the compressor only as there is no need to dump your money on parts that are working fine.

Our car parts manufacturing facility has modern manufacturing equipment, mature manufacturing technology, and consistent production capacity. Whether it’s product quality or packaging, we’re dedicated to giving them the best. We have long-term relationships and collaboration with our clients based on mutual trust because we are prepared to go above and above and are confident enough to be your first option and long-term partner in this sector.

Parts Factory AUS proudly announce that we have advanced production equipment, mature production technology, and a stable quality production unit. We take pride in delivering products after detailed inspection to maintain the product quality or packaging; we remain committed to providing our clients with the best in the industry. We have established long-term friendships and partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust because we are willing to go the extra mile and confident enough to be your first choice and permanent partner in this field.

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Contact our customer care representatives if you have any queries or want to know more about Holden air conditioning compressors. Call us at Tel: 0423 113 802.


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