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Brand New Toyota Air Conditioning Compressors to suit a variety of toyota applications such as Corolla, Camry, Rav4, Echo and many many more!

Toyota is known for its high reliability statistics, usually performing above and beyond expectations and industry standards.

Your Toyota has been a reliable vehicle for you all these years. It has never given you any problems and you have done a pretty good job maintaining it. But lately you have noticed that your Toyota air conditioning is having trouble cooling your cabin and at times blows warm air out. You know this is not a good sign and you could probably live without the AC for the winter months but the thing is your Toyota AC system is also connected to your heating and defrosting system so now that is starting to not work either. Have you come too far past the point of being able to replace it? Not quite. The good thing is that you have acknowledged there is a problem and the less time you wait the less cost it will be for you. Let’s take a look at what the Toyota AC system does.

Your Toyota AC system is going to be made up of five different components, all of which will work together to get you that cold air to cool down your passenger cabin. The Toyota air conditioning system is a complex one like all AC systems so when it comes time to repair the AC system it can be costly. So if you want to keep your costs down make sure that you are addressing any issues as soon as you notice warning signs that something is wrong.

So let’s go back to the Toyota AC components. They are: the AC compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier receiver, and expansion valves. At the heart of this system is going to be your Toyota A/C compressor. The Toyota AC compressor is the main part of your Toyota air conditioning system. Consequently, it is also going to be the most costly part but if it breaks then the AC compressor should be replaced with the adequate Toyota replacement AC compressor in order to maintain the rest of the components working and not cause any further damage to the Toyota AC system.

The Toyota AC compressor works by taking refrigerant gas, and pressurizing it in order to cool the air. As the AC compressor spins it pressurizes cold vapors from the refrigerant into the condenser. The Toyota AC compressor is run by the engine accessory belt &  has an electronically operated clutch that connects the AC compressor on & off when you need cold. The vapor pumped into the condenser from the compressor gets converted into a liquid and then is sent to the receiver drier. The receiver dried will hold the liquid refrigerant and remove excess moisture from the refrigerant. The liquid refrigerant then gets pushed through the expansion valves where all the pressure is reduced. This process allows the refrigerant to turn back into vapor before it goes back to the evaporator where the refrigerant will be vaporized and all the heat from the cabin will be removed. Cold air will then be pushed through a fan to the passenger area.

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