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Having a fully functional Sun Visor for your Nissan is a very important thing to tick of checklist. Being blinded by the sun does not make for a very effective driver, and its important that we have our trusty Nissan Sun Visor ready to block out the bright light of the sun if need be. Without clear vision, sunlight is known to cause car accidents, and other traffic related mistakes that can cause injuries, or go as far as being fatal. Let’s use Parts Factory Australia as a tool, to both source the parts you need, and perform a DIY replacement of a Nissan SunVisor all without going to a mechanic and saving lots of money.

Parts Factory Australia Sunvisors are High Quality, Sometimes genuine products supplied directly to the Australia Public. This items do come directly from the Nissan Supplier in China, and they are high quality units. We currently stock sun visors for some of the more popular nissan models, including Tiida, Pulsar, Cube, Qashqai, X-Trail and many many more.

If your looking to get your car fixed as soon as possible, jump onto our online social media page to discuss quick fixes on how to fix your sun visor issue today! Or, instead you can talk to our online Live Chat mechanic to find out how long it might take a nissan sun visor to be delivered to your house by Australia Post! Repairing / replacing your visor is very simple. Visit our youtube channel to watch lucas quickly change out a Nissan tiida sunvisor today!

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