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Starter Motor

Parts Factory Australia can educate you demonstrating how to remove and replace a starter motor from a car. We have a large collection of in depth installation tutorial videos available on our website. Please check our DIY Installation Page under ‘knowledge base’ for more information. If you’re in the market for a Starter Motor, then we’ve got that covered too.

Parts Factory has a large collection of High Quality Starter Motor for all makes and models including Holden, Ford, Hyundai and Kia. We source our parts from only the highest quality manufacturers from all around the world. We will often test up to 10 different manufacturers before determining who’s starter motor to import. This is usually irrespective of the price.

Your starter motor represents a critical component of your cars total system, often being considered as more important then the engine itself. Without this component, any automatic transmission car is left stranded and demobilised entirely. Most parts on cars can be replaced with ease, but often a starter is considered one of the highest inconvenience part to break. This is why we only import reliable parts.

Within the Australian border, Postage is FREE. All of our parts website wide are including free postage. That way ordering parts its streamlined and stress free. We try and stay extremely competitive with our prices. We also offer Free Returns for faulty goods, 3 Year Product warranty and a Free online Installation Tutorial Video. That’s the Parts Factory Guarantee.

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