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Ford Master Control Switch

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How does it work?

Brand New Ford Falcon Master Control Switch to suit Fords such as Falcons, Fiestas, Focus, and Transit Vans. It’s important that your ford master control switch or window switch is of high quality as a lot of the usability of your car is relied upon the ability for your windows to go up and down.

Reasons such as : Security, accessibility, and emergency situations make it imperative for your windows to be functioning 100% of the time. Ford’s are renowned for very unreliable window electrical systems, and these switches that are sold at parts factory australia remove this risk, squeezing out some of the poor designs, and replacing them with more reliable components internally.

Some of the Fords that Parts Factory Australia sells Window Control Switch for include: Ford Transit Ford Fiesta Master Control Switches, Ford Festiva Master Control Switches, Ford Focus Master Control Switch, Ford Falcon Master Control Switches.

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Just remember that whilst you may think that its your Ford Master Control Switch causing the issue, its always possible that your Ford Window Regulator is the real culprit! Diagnosis of electrical components isnt always as straightforward as it seems. One thing can cause another, inturn leading to failure of all components! Individually testing each item doesn’t always seem to show faults either…. Sometimes it requires taking a gamble, always certainly starting with the most obvious choice, but leading then into the most cost effective.

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