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Sun Visor

Sun Visors are a important part to enhance and streamline your driving experience. The Harsh Intensity of the Sun’s Energy can be blinding at times, and its important that your sunvisors are fully functional, ready to be used at any time.

Parts Factory Australia sells High Quality Replacement Sun Visors to suit All Makes and Models, that include a 3 Year Warranty and an Installation Guideline. We currently stock SunVisor ‘s for many popular car models… Some of these include Nissan Tiida, Holden Barina, Holden Commodore, Holden Captiva and many other models similar to this. It’s important that we have a large variety, because sunvisors are unpredictable, and can either last 2 years, or 10.

Not sure how to replace your sun visor? Make sure you checkout on our website for our detailed explanation videos displaying the simple steps to fix your sun shade within the interior of your car! Parts Factory Australia can also help you look after your sunvisor better in the future, by showing you what exactly causes premature wear etc. By looking after your sun visor, you can reduce the number of times it will need to be replaced over time, saving you time, money and precious resources.

Not sure exactly what kind or brand you need? Head over to our live chat application to talk to an online mechanic for free! We can help you choose and select your best option, including temporary fixes, or permanent replacement sun visors. Use our social media application on our website to discuss with other individuals going through the same problem with their cars.

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