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Parts Factory Australia sells High Quality Holden Alternators to the Australian Public. Our products are engineered to Australia O.E.M Specifications and are covered under a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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Holden Alternator

As we are Australians ourselves, we understand the importance of have a vehicle that you can always depend on. That is why we place significant emphasis on quality control at all times, regardless of the manufacturing costs. We also understand the importance of a quick turnaround when ordering parts, and that is why we’ve made it our mission to provide the quickest postage time of any other New Car Parts Store within Australia, Guaranteed.

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We Stock High Quality parts at an affordable price such as Holden Commodore Alternators and Holden Viva Alternators at a fraction of the cost of going to your dealer.


Our warranty period for Holden Alternator is above and beyond industry standard, with most of our competition only providing 6-12 months warranty. Our warranty period is 3 years, which we hope boasts to our consumers that we are confident in the product we build and deliver to our customers.


Shipping times for most of our products such as Holden Commodore  Alternator are within 2-3 business days Australia Wide. Postage estimates can change, but if you have experience with slow deliveries times for your area, most of our products qualify for $12 Express Postage options meaning you can have your product even sooner!

We are a Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia based Automotive car parts business that cares about its customers, and their cars.



Purchase Your Holden Alternators at The Best Rates from Parts Factory Australia

Are you searching for the best Holden Commodore Alternators? If so, look no further. Parts Factory Australia provides auto parts of the finest quality. We have been in business for more than three decades, having complete knowledge of Australian auto culture and providing our products accordingly.

We always make sure to satisfy our client base and do our best to never let them down. We look forward to building great relationships with our clientele, so they’ll know that Parts Factory Australia is the number one choice whenever an Automotive Replacement Car Parts Company is required in Australia

A Brief History of Holden Commodore

From 1978 through 2020, Holden sold Commodore. It was manufactured in Australia from 1978 to 2017 and in New Zealand from 1979 to 1990. From 2018 to 2020, the Holden Commodore was a German-built Opel Insignia. New Commodore sales ended in 2020, as did the Holden brand.

The Commodore replaced the long-serving Holden Kingswood and Holden Premier. The Opel Commodore has a smaller, more modern rear-wheel drive chassis. Holden designed it for the Australian market and road conditions. Later Holden Commodore series were influenced by Opel Senator and Omega models. The new Commodore is built on the GM Zeta platform.

In 1979, the roster expanded from one sedan to two. The 1984 Commodore Berlina was renamed Holden Berlina in 1988. 90’s Statesman/Caprice and Commodore utility body versions It was followed by a revised Monaro coupé in 2001, a four-door Holden Crewman utility and an all-wheel drive Holden Adventra crossover in 2003. Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) began modifying high-performance Commodores in 1987.

The Ford Falcon, also local, was a major competitor. The Holden was underneath the Falcon until 1988’s second generation Commodore. Toyota Australia and Chrysler Australia (now Mitsubishi Motors Australia) battled in the mid-size segment. The Toyota Lexcen, a rebadged version of the second generation Commodore, was sold in Australia from 1989 until 1997. Holden’s major export ambitions with Commodore began in 1997. Commodore was sold in the Middle East, Africa, and Brazil. Then came Pontiac and then Chevrolet export versions. In the UK, Vauxhall is sold as HSV, while CSV is sold in the Middle East.

Holden said in December 2013 that it would cease local manufacture by the end of 2017 but keep the Commodore nameplate for its fifth-generation, all-imported replacement with an FWD/AWD chassis. On December 10, 2019, Holden stated that the Commodore nameplate would be retired in 2020 to “concentrate on the largest and most robust market sectors”, namely SUV and Ute. It’s over for the Commodore nameplates. According to General Motors, Holden will be phased out of Australia and New Zealand by 2021.

Importance of an Alternator in a Car

You might think your car’s battery powers the radio, lamps, and other electronics. But the alternator is the one that keeps things running. The alternator keeps your car going while the battery starts it. It powers the headlights, electric steering, power windows and wipers, heated seats and radio while driving or idling. Powered by one alternator While driving, the alternator charges the battery.

That is how the alternator works. Your engine drives a drive belt on an alternator pulley. Magnets in an alternator’s rotor shaft revolve. The alternator’s rectifier receives AC from the magnets. The AC electricity is rectified in your car’s electrical systems. In most cases, your alternator will outlive your car. Damage from heat, abuse, water, faulty parts or frayed wires can cause alternators to fail.

Signs of Alternator Failure

A car without an alternator won’t start or run for more than a few minutes. The symptoms of an alternator malfunction can be confused with those of a battery or other automotive components. A malfunctioning alternator may not be the issue if you only have one of the symptoms listed below. These warning signs may indicate an electrical system failure. Bring your car to Firestone Complete Auto Care for an electrical inspection.

Headlight Fluctuation

When an alternator fails, your electronics receive irregular voltage. A lack of or excessively bright headlights is a common symptom. You may also see flickering or lights that dim and brighten.

Battery Failure

The battery may be dead, or you may have left the headlights on all night. A dead battery may signal an alternator issue.

A bad alternator causes the battery to lose charge faster. It is used to test the alternator or battery. The car starts up after a jumpstart but needs a new battery. If you jumpstart your automobile and it dies soon after, your alternator may be failing.

Accessory Problems

Not or slow working accessories because of no alternator power. That means your windows won’t roll up or down as quickly, your seat warmers won’t heat up, or your speedometer and other gauges won’t work correctly. Not enough juice from the alternator? Many new cars have a priority list of devices to cut power to first. If your alternator fails, your radio (or other non-essentials) will go out before your headlights.

Start Or Stop Problems

Difficulty starting your car may indicate a faulty alternator. Instead of the engine’s vibration, you hear a frightening clicking. If your automobile continually stalls, the alternator may not supply enough power to the spark plugs and coils.

Engine Noises

Strange noises in cars range from innocuous to severe technical difficulties. A bad alternator frequently snarls or whines. A misplaced alternator belt causes this growling or moaning sound. Sounds like rotor shaft bearing failure.

Oil Or Wires Smell

A burning rubber or wire smell may indicate an alternator failure. In addition to being near the hot engine, the alternator’s drive belt may wear out and smell like burned rubber. A seized alternator pulley bearing smells like burned rubber when running.

A burning smell may also indicate an overworked alternator or damaged wires. Overworked alternator wires heat up. Corroded wires generate heat and emit a foul odour due to electrical resistance.

Low Battery Warning

The dashboard battery warning light is commonly misconstrued. The battery warning light indicates an electrical issue, including the alternator. Alternators operate between 13-14.5 volts. An alternator failure causes a loss in voltage, triggering the battery warning light. Excess alternator voltage causes the battery light to illuminate.

The battery warning light may flash depending on your car’s electrical load (headlights, wipers, radio, etc.). While this may seem minor, being stuck is better than having your car’s electrical system inspected.

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Why should you buy Holden Alternators from us? Our Quality Aftermarket components are sourced from our expertise. With over 30 years of expertise as an importer and distributor to Australia’s largest parts stores, we only deal with the world’s finest manufacturers. We compare aftermarket parts’ form, fit, and function to the original parts before selling them. Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures your complete pleasure. Our Aftermarket offering is affordable.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, all car parts provided by Parts Factory Australia are covered by a minimum 3-year replacement warranty. We guarantee that our auto parts are of the finest quality, have not been remanufactured, and meet or exceed Australian Standard Quality.

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Depending on the buyer’s region, postage will be sent within the appropriate periods. Most purchases weighing less than 500 grammes qualify for free Express Shipping, with Express Postage offered at checkout for heavier items.

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