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Parts Factory Australia sells High Quality Air Conditioning Compressors to the Australian Public. Our products are engineered to Australia O.E.M Specifications and are covered under a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Australia Owned:


As we are Australians ourselves, we understand the importance of have a vehicle that you can depend on at all hours of the day. That is why we place significant emphasis on quality control at all times, regardless of the manufacturing costs. We also understand the importance of a quick turnaround when ordering parts, and that is why we’ve made it our mission to provide the quickest postage time of any other New Car Parts Store within Australia, Guaranteed.

Full Range:

We Stock reliable, yet affordable items such as; Air Conditioning Compressors, Holden Air Conditioning Compressors and Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Compressors at a fraction of the cost of going to your dealer.


Our warranty period for these products is above industry standard, with most of our competition only providing 6-12 months. Our warranty period is 3 years, which we hope boasts to our consumers that we are confident in the product we build and deliver.


Shipping times for the majority of our products like; Air Conditioning Compressors Compressors are within 2-3 business days Australia Wide. Times can change, but if you have experience with slow deliveries for your area, most of our products qualify for $12 Express Postage options.

We are a Gold Coast, Brisbane Australia based Automotive car parts business that cares about its customers, and their cars.


Air Conditioning Compressors

Get New Ford Air Conditioner Compressors for Better Cooling

If an air conditioner’s compressor in your Ford car fails, it cannot be repaired. The compressor in your air conditioner is essentially the system’s heart, allowing the refrigerant process that allows your cooling system to function. The true dilemma here is whether you should replace Ford Air Conditioner Compressors, the outer unit of your cooling system, or you should replace the entire air conditioner of your car?

To be honest, the solution depends on the situation. Parts Factory Australia has a wide range of brand new AC compressors that are specific to Ford Cars, and if the remaining AC unit is working fine, you should save the cost by replacing the compressor only.

Ford Cars

Ford is one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers nowadays. They are admired for their technological advancements in the production of automobiles and automotive parts, such as their durability, design, high-quality interiors, and smooth-sounding engines. Their work is of the highest quality. This is why most people want to drive a Ford and why its car components, particularly their AC condensers, are in high demand.

An AC condenser causes the coolness of our air conditioning system. This simply means that it cools all of the sucked hot gas that is later released by the air conditioner.

The refrigerants are drawn into the air conditioning system by the AC compressor. The compressor then compresses it and converts it to hot gas. The refrigerant would next run through the condenser to be cooled. The refrigerants are converted to liquid during this procedure. After that, the expansion valve controls the cold liquid refrigerants and converts them back into gas—the cold gas emitted by the air conditioner. Following this stage, the entire procedure is repeated.

The AC compressor of any vehicle is indeed an expensive part of cooling systems, and think if you have to replace the entire air conditioning unit? That could ruin your budget for coming times. In case of the compressor below par performance, you should ask yourself how old your entire air conditioner is?

If it’s only a few years old and has been consistently maintained, but the compressor still fails, it’s time to look into your manufacturer’s warranty. If your warranty is still valid, you should be able to have the compressor replaced at no cost.

At Parts Factory Australia, we have quality automobile parts that have a warranty of three years. We do have brand new Ford Falcon Air Conditioner Compressors that are compatible with ford cars of 1998 to 2003 models and come with six cylinders and different variants.

Our cooling products for Ford cars are cross compatible among the two engine variants, i.e. mounting brackets, electrical jointers and air conditioning lines. Though all of our AC compressors are manufactured with high precession technology, however for customer satisfaction, we do offer free returns and replacement in case of faulty components.

To ease the installation process, we have video tutorials on removing and replacing Ford Air Conditioner Compressors that will make the job easy. Our support staff is available 24/7 to offer any assistance online. We are an Australian-based and Australian-operated company serving Aussies for over three decades with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our free product installation tutorials are famous among car owners as it helps save cost, identify the problem, remove and replace the faulty components with those working fine and make you a knowledgeable person about car technicalities.

Ford Car Air Compressor Price

The original price of the Ford Air Conditioner Compressor is AUS $515, which is slashed as you can save $180 by paying only $335. The After-pay allows you to divide the cost into four equal instalments payable fortnightly.

The air conditioner compressor is compatible with three variants, including:

  • 4.0 L Intech E-Gas I6 (LPG) Engine
  • 4.0 L Intech HP I6 (Petrol) Engine
  • 4.0 L Intech I6 (Petrol) Engine

Top-Notch Quality Air Conditioner Compressors

At Parts Factory AUS, you are assured to buy high-quality automobile products. Our air conditioning compressors for Ford cars are engineered as per the O.E.M Australia Specifications and have three years manufacturer warranty.

Parts Factory AUS understand the need to have a strong car that you can rely on at all times since we are Australians ourselves. That is why, regardless of production costs, we lay a strong focus on quality control. We also recognise the necessity of getting parts quickly, so we’ve made it our objective to give the fastest mailing time of any other New Car Parts Store in Australia, Guaranteed.

Get in Touch

If you have any queries or want to know more about Ford air conditioner compressors, get in touch with our customer care representatives. Call us at Tel: 0423 113 802.


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