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Welcome to Parts Factory Australia! Here you can diagnose, Source and Purchase High Quality, High Durability Oxygen sensors that include a Free Installation Guideline with the sale. Save $1000’s by performing DIY repairs on your own oxygen sensor. We Sell Oxygen Sensors for all Makes and Models, Including Suzuki, Subaru, Holden, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and May More Models!

All Parts Factory Components come with a guaranteed 3 Year Warranty, warranting any breakdown between then and now! This means that you are receiving high quality replacement components, that will fix any issue that you are currently experiencing with your car. Talk to an online mechanic today for free, and he will help you diagnose your oxygen sensor issue with your car!

Oxygen Sensor ‘s are important beyond 2000 for a few reasons. Number 1 being, that fuel injection took over, allowing for more accurate fuel / air ratio mixtures to be integrated with gasoline engines. This allowed for greater power delivery, better fuel economy, and less carbon monoxide emissions. With these benefits, you can see the importance of having a fully functional oxygen sensor for your car!

There are a few ‘well known’ to be unreliable oxygen sensors on the market. These include as goes: SuzukI Swift Oxygen Sensor, Holden Cruze Oxygen Sensors,  Nissan X-Trail Oxygen Sensors, Mazda 3 Oxygen Sensors and Many Many More along these lines!


Parts Factory Australia can help you diagnose issues with your car online, so make sure you jump onto our website tonight to buy car parts online, get parts express posted for free, and free returns if you no longer need the parts!

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