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Holden Cam Sensor

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How does it work?

Modern automobile engineering has made the Holden camshaft sensor an important part of the car’s engine. This small device is instrumental in monitoring the engine’s multiple components via the car’s computerized engine management system. The sensor tracks the speed of crankshaft rotation. It also monitors the engine valves in relation to the pistons, and observes overall engine function.

Holden Camshaft Positioning Sensors from Parts Factory Australia include a 3 Year Parts Warranty, Free Express Postage and Free Returns. Make sure you ask about our discount codes for returning customers! If you ever have any other problems with your car’s electrical / ignition system, make sure you come and talk to us first! We answer questions like: “why wont my car start?”, and why is my car making a ticking noise every day!

Don’t forget that our Camshaft Positioning Sensor comes with a Product Installation Guideline for Holdens. If you need to determine if this part is correct for you, your welcome to travel over to our vehicle parts finder page and narrow down your search. Within that area you will be able to see exactly what parts fit your car, and, you can ever live chat with a online mechanic to double check!

Holden Camshaft Sensor ‘s may have variable part numbers and compatibility, so always double check before purchasing in order to guarantee fitment! Due to differences in electrical currents and amperage, it can seem asif a part may fit, but you may then find out that it actually does not function as it should, leaving your car inoperable. This can lead to timewastfulness, and should be avoided at all costs.

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