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Hello and Welcome to Parts Factory Australia! Head on over to our Mazda Radiator Section where you can diagnose radiator issues, and buy your replacement parts all within the same place! Think of it as a virtual mechanical repairs shop, with assistance from LIVE online Human Mechanics!

Here you can find all the car parts that you need! Visit our store to checkout all of our products available, including our Mazda Radiator. Use our Vehicle parts checker application to narrow down your search results, or use the category section to checkout just how many products we stock in each category.

We currently stock plenty of radiators for popular models of Mazda, including Mazda 6, Mazda 3, Mazda CX-7, Mazda CX-7 and Mazda 2! We will have much much more incoming, including models such as RX8. etc.

Are you aware that we host a FREE Online Mechanic that can help you diagnose why your Mazda is overheating due to Issues with its cooling system? Let’s get to the bottom of this. We can help you determine what else may be broke with your cars cooling system, including water pump, lower or upper radiator hoses, or just the radiator fans… There are several reasons why issues with your radiator may appear. You must understand that it’s a very simple design. Wind passes over the aluminum fins dispersing heat into the air… This means that whilst all signs may point at a clogged radiator, it can also be other issues such as poor water flow, causing your radiator to effectively be ‘outrun’.


Here we can teach you how to perform a Mazda Radiator Flush, or other semi-permanent fixes of your car.

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