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Improve Efficiency with Brand New BWM Rocker Cover and Gasket

BMW Rocker CoverRocker covers are protection for the internal combustion engine of a vehicle that comes on rocker’s arms. People also call them valve covers and rocker boxes. The modern car designs come mostly without rocker’s arms. So, they get titles such as valve covers, cam covers, timing covers, or sometimes where they cover timing gears or chains. However, the rocker cover isn’t that crucial as they aren’t responsible for running the vehicle. The BMW Rocker Cover by Parts Factory Australia ensures that the engine of your BMW is free from the danger of oil leakage and hence has an extended life.

Protection by Rocker Cover

As mentioned earlier, the rocker cover doesn’t play a role in kicking start or operating the vehicle. Rather, its role, along with the gasket, is protective. The duo’s combination is all about making sure the health of the car engine is up to the mark and free from any debris, leakage or other external contamination.

The valve cover gasket tends to weaken and leak oil as it ages. When oil drops fall over the exhaust, this might cause a fire to start. So a broken or damaged rocker cover and gasket is a serious safety hazard that must be attended to first. Engine rocker covers and kits are also available from Parts Factory Australia to prevent engine seepage.

How Rocker Engine Cover Works

A rocker cover, commonly known as a valve cover, protects the combustion engine in BMW cars and SUVs. The rocker cover is on the top of the engine to avoid any oil leaks, dirt, or air from entering the engine and causing damage. The engine cylinder head must be kept greased to prevent friction and ensure smooth operation. The rocker cover, valve, tappet cover, and gasket all play important roles here. The goal is to maintain the engine safe by avoiding oil spillage. The rocker cover is installed on the engine using a cork gasket that is snugly fitted to ensure airtightness. The cap and gasket help keep oil from leaking into the spark plugs.

Wear and Tear of Rocker Cover and Consequences

When you press the BMW Push Button to start your car, it generates a lot of heat. The continuous exposure causes the rocker cover and gasket to wear out. So, you must regularly inspect your rocker cover and gasket. If you ignore this, the cover and gasket will fracture, resulting in oil leaks, low fuel efficiency, and poor performance. So the mechanical experts recommend examining the engine regularly by opening the bonnet. This will help you to take timely measurements to prevent future damage.

Why Does A Rocker Cover Gasket Leak?

The majority of the rocker cover gaskets are made of rubber, which does not like being exposed to oil and heat on a frequent basis. It can either shrink or become fragile with time, causing oil to leak.

Any little oil leak may appear to be of no worry. A leaking rocker cover can lead to greater problems and more expensive repairs if left unattended. The frequent oil spills can cause damage to the car belts and other sensitive equipment under the bonnet. In the worst-case scenario, an oil leak might result in an engine fire!

To avoid this, you must consider changing your rocker cover and gasket as soon as possible. The following symptoms indicate that you must replace BMW Rocker Cover and Gasket:

  • The upper half of the spark plugs had grease on them. This is normally found when the spark plugs are replaced, in which case the rocker cover gasket should be replaced as well.
  • Oil is spilling from the engine cover, or you notice oil on the ground beneath your vehicle.
  • When the engine is running, you detect a burning oil odour. This occurs when oil drops into the hot exhaust manifold, causing smoke.
  • Oil use is increasing inexplicably. In severe circumstances, the oil pressure indicator light may also illuminate.

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Replacement Cost of BMW Rocker Cover

If you visit any car repair shop to replace the BMW Rocker Cover, they may charge you around $350 to $700, including rocker cover, gasket and labour charges.

BMW Rocker Cover 

The mission statement of Parts Factory Australia is to empower Australian motorists by providing them with quality replacement parts at an affordable price. We promote Australians for DIY repair and replacement projects to reduce the cost significantly. Our industry experts have made several video tutorials on replacing car parts from different manufacturers.

We supply brand new aftermarket car spare parts while delivering the products without any charges via Express Post. Apart from BMW Rocker Cover, some of the available parts include:

  1. BMW N47 Coolant Outlet Adapter Hose Pipe
  2. BMW M2 M3 M4 Downpipes
  3. BMW Icom Cable
  4. High-Performance BMW Downpipe

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