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Fix Car Door Handle Interior Parts to Give Fresh Look to Car

Fix Car Door Handle InteriorGenerally, the interior car door handles are bolted through the car door, and you may have broken the plastic door handle. Though the interior door handles are mainly the same, every door handle slightly differs from the other. Each of the parts used to fix car door handle interior has a variety of screws and clips that holds it on. You must be alert that these screws and clips can be hidden in a bunch of different places. Parts Factory Australia offers a variety of inner car door handles that are meant for different car manufacturers.

How to Remove and Replace Interior Car Door Handle

One likely place could be the downside of the window switch. Sometimes you have hidden screws at the bottom of car door poles or hidden behind the door handles. In some cases, the inner door plastic cover may be bolted by the surrounding side edges. So, be careful to find these bolts, screws and clips to avoid any damage to your car interior panel or other parts.

After knowing the places of the bolts and unscrewing them, the door panel will pull straight off, or it’ll pull up. In some car models, you may require removing the window switches before actually pulling the inner car door panel off. You may also have to disconnect the mirror switch as well. A lot of interior door handles have cables that go to them or that go from the handle itself down to the lock. 

These cables resemble bicycle brake cables so that they can clip into the door panel and can slide. You do need not any tool to remove this cable as it is as easy to just remove it firmly. In case you observe some sort of hooks with downward nobs, you have to lift the door panel straight up to get it off. Interior door handles often have one bolt in the centre that’s hidden by a plastic cover.

Fixed Door Handle into Panel

You may observe that the backside of the door handle was held on with some screws, or it will be like a plastic stuck to the panel itself. That makes the door handle non-removable as it’s part of the panel itself, and you have to replace the entire panel.

Order Best Fix Car Door Handle Interior from Parts Factory Australia

If you have a door handle that bolts on the door panel, you just need to pull off the bolts out of the panel to remove the broken handle. Replace the broken with a brand new car door handle interior side by ordering from Parts Factory Australia. You just need to select the right type of parts to fix car door handle interior that resembles your car model and enjoy the cheapest rate in Australia. 

High-Quality Car Parts and Accessories

Parts Factory Australia has over one thousand car parts and accessories that are meant for different car manufacturers and models. In case you broke down any of your car parts, you can search through our New Car Parts Section and choose a category you are interested in. For example, if you are searching for a car door handle, click on the Door Handle category that is listed on the left sidebar of our page and search for the right product.

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All of our car products are engineered to give you a premium product that is backed by a three years warranty. Our rates are the lowest in the Australian market as we get car accessories and products in bulk quantity, so our prices are the lowest. We also facilitate our clients with after pay, which allows them to convert the total price into four interest-free instalments.

Interior Door Handle Collection

Here at Parts Factory Australia, some of the interior car door handles are as follows:

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